“And without further adieu…”

I present to you…

My first singles in a spinning wheel!! No, I didn’t buy one yet. This is on loan until I get my beloved Fricke (which may be sooner than previously planned!!:), or I run out of fiber–whichever comes first. (Hehe, relax Val).

First steps: I took the Ashford Joy out of the bag and began to set her up. I pulled out a bit of the Finn I got at Rhinebeck and prepped it while I just treadled to get a feel for treadling. And then the flyer fell out on my feet! Oops! Hubby bust out laughing, saying “OOOH you BROKE it!”. But no, I didn’t. Somehow, though, I’d missed the part of the instructions which tells you to hold the flyer whorl still while winding the flyer assembly into place.

I had a few false starts as the leader would get away from me but eventually I got it going. Since in my mindless rush to get spinning, I didn’t divide the fiber into equal weight sections, I will have to alternate bobbins until both are at about the same amount full. I bet that’s a joke, huh? But I DID try Navajo plying to avoid left over singles, and well, let’s just say I have learned to not be lazy(or forgetful!) and divide my fiber equally and just spin 3 bobbins full and accept that I might have leftovers if I want a 3 ply. Navajo-ing, for me, is for spindles only.

Ohh, did I just say spindle? *snort/laughter*. Yeah, we know the deal. NEXT!


5 responses to ““And without further adieu…”

  1. Welcome to the darkside! Muwa ha ha!!!!

  2. I love the knitting spinning communityl. It is so cool you have a loaner wheel, now watch you not gonna want to knit anymore. You may run out of fiber sooner than you think, sure hope you have a lot of bobbins. Sadly I realize i don’t have anywhere near enough. Have fun!


  3. Val’s Joy is certainly getting around! But still congrats on getting your hands on a wheel to use! That happened to me to the last time I changed bobbins,, totally forgot to hold the flyer in place and I wont tell you about that awful feeling in the pit of my stomach,, thinking that I broke my wheel.

    Happy spinning!

  4. It’s a WHOLE lot nicer than my first spinning attempts. 🙂

    Yay for Val for loaning us the Joy!

  5. WOHOOOOO for loaner wheels…and great singles!!!!

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