Sample Spinning

I’ve finally washed and combed out some of the CVM cross fibers Sarah sent me a short while ago. Instead of carding it, I took one of my dog brushes and flicked the edges of the fiber locks. It needed a little pulling to get it through, but overall the fibers stayed aligned. Spinning it worsted, however proved very challenging. I couldn’t wrap my head around predrafting but I did my best to spin it smooth.

Here’s a pic of the singles I’m getting; VERY fine. Definitely going to be laceweight when it’s done. WOW!

Yes, That IS part of a cereal box. I decided to try my hand at making a very lightweight spindle, from a template, found here


I believe I was supposed to have the inside of the cardboard box facing up instead of the outside. Oh well. I think it’s cute! I’d say the whole process took me about an hour to cut everything out as neatly as possible(and I still managed to fark it up!) and give the glue time to dry.

Since the fleece is fresh and not commerically prepped there’s a springy-ness to it that forces me to park and draft. That’s not too bad, seeing as it allows me more control over the fineness of the singles. I’m not sure how much of each sample I have, so I’ll have to wait til I’m done spinning it all to weigh it. It’s so far, an enjoyable handspinning project, since I get to familiarize myself with the CVM/Corriedale cross breed.

As for knitting, Icarus is halfway through the FINAL chart!! Whew. I hope to have it finished by this weekend. 6 more weeks till Christmas and I have yet to actually start my gift knitting. Think I can do it?? Think they’ll mind if I give them their gifts on St. Patty’s day? 😉



5 responses to “Sample Spinning

  1. It really worked, paperclip and all? I love it!

    Can we say threadlike? WTG!!!

  2. So the question remains….what CAN’T you do? Does this mean you are a cereal spinner? Pun intended 🙂

  3. That looks great! And I love the new spindle!

  4. I wanna see this cardboard spindle in action this weekend.

  5. OOOoooooohhhh how coooooool!

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