Turnabout is fair play.

Or something like that.

All I know is, I certainly did it this morning. Big time. Hubby works some overnight shifts. He usually arrives home in the morning, in time to either take the kids to school, or hold on the little one while I take them. Halfway through the morning rituals, the phone rings. I spy the Caller ID on the handset, listing his job as the place of origin. It’s Monday. I’m already not having a good day, just because it’s Monday. So I’m thinking he’s calling to tell me he’s still at work and that I’ll have to schlep little miss slowlegs with me. I pick up the phone, screaming, “Asshole! WTF are you still doing at work?!”. Then, I hear hubby’s boss saying, “Good Morning!…” I think I had a hot flash, I blushed so hard. Whoopsie! I used to work there myself. So I got to tell my (former)boss he’s an asshole in a roundabout way… Isn’t it grand though? hehe


That’s a ‘rolag’ I made last night of some of the Shetland fleece I got back in October. I got to borrow some hand carder for a while and the more I card and spin this fleece, the more I’m convinced this particular fleece should have been combed. I read somewhere online that shetland fleeces can be/are classed as a fine fiber. Finer fibers, according to Zeilinger’s, are to be combed because they nepp up if you try to card them. I’ve been carding this fleece as best as I can, as per Joy of Handspinning and I do indeed get nepps all over the fiber. Some of them get spun into the yarn and some of them break up the continuous flow of fiber and force me to rejoin constantly. Now, I’m not so sure I want to save this for the wheel; I’m thinking I can keep a better eye on the fiber flow on a spindle.. *sigh*

That’s ok. There’s plenty of fiber I CAN use on a wheel. I’ve always felt that I’d be better off drafting top with a wheel than with a spindle because the more-continuous spinning of the wheel will allow me more time to concentrate on drafting evenly, and there’s no gravity hindering me in terms of the threat of a dropped spindle. I’ve even tried predrafting the fiber as much as possible but it becomes a long, thin line of fiber and I have no way to contain the drafted fiber til it’s in my fingers for drafting. I tried that wrap-it-around-your-wrist technique; that didn’t go over well either. *sigh*

I’m not bummed about not saving the fleece for the wheel; I’m having fun with it now! There’ll be (I hope!) plenty of cheap practice fiber ready for the taking(buying) when little miss Fricke arrives.

left-right: a sample of CVM/Corriedale cross named Janet, a sample from her mom, Jane, and some from a CVM named Penelope! Sarah sent me these along with the Fall 2006 Spin-Off! Knittyheads are SO SWEET! 😀 I can’t wait to dig in and spin these babies up! ThangQ Sarah
Keep an eye out for how they spin up in a future post.

On the needles:
Same old Father & Son socks. Though I’m thinking Hubby might get something else instead of the other pair. The Diamante socks fit hubby! That’s how big they are. But they’ll need a dye job if manly-man is going to wear them. Not a problem. I’ve got some dark RIT I can throw ’em in. As if that’s not bad enough I’ve *gulp* started yet another pair of socks for me!

The first of a pair of the October 2006 Six Sox Knitalong socks. Always on the lookout for interesting sock patterns, I don’t know how I managed to not get involved with this sooner. These are not in the original pattern colors. I’m using some orange Regia gifted to me by the ever-generous Karen, and some KnitPicks Simple Stripes I bought months ago. Just like my Northern Lights Mittens, I’m thinking of reversing the colors on the mate. I also could loosen up in the toe area. It’s a tad snug but the rest of the foot is ok since I’m not pulling the floats as tight as I was at first. The overall color of the picture isn’t so great but the colors of the sock itself is pretty close, as far as I can tell.

Lacevember is in full swing with my Icarus. I’m nearly finished with the second chart. It’s currently about 15 minutes for every purl row, what with making sure I don’t drop YOs and such. Loard I hope this thing fits my ‘blocking board’. I might have to pin it out on the whole bed and sleep on the couch! 😮 I’d spread it out for a pic now, but SugarBoogers is stretched out(on my side!) :D.

That’s it for now!


6 responses to “Turnabout is fair play.

  1. Socks! Love the way they’re knitting up….I’m going to have to start them again…

  2. I actually yelled out an audible “Doh!” when I read the part where you yelled at the phone. Tee hee.

    I love the socks too. They look great!

  3. You socks are lovely, and that is a great story about the “bossman” heeeee… you tell ’em BEAN! 😉

  4. Cool Socks!

    Glad you like the fleece samples and mag! I love the sheer variety of wool, it’s so fun to try other kinds!

    heh heh, called the old boss and A-hole!

  5. Beautiful socks.
    I have some old bosses I’d like to call assholes. If only I knew their numbers now…
    Nepps can be added character. Such as my fondness for adding silk noils 🙂

  6. Can I just say that I am jealous of your sock abilities?

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