Fiber Flash Your Stash 2006!

Alrighty then! And away we go! I’m telling you right now, exquisite fiber pr0n, this is not. This is a rush-job if I ever did see one. I mean really, is this a photo fest or a fiber fest? So let’s let it all hang out!

First up: Humble spinning beginnings:

The green handspun is Ashland Bay Merino, the dark red, is Ashland Bay Corriedale, both from The Woolery. The merino is approx. 4 oz, and the corrie is about half of what started out as 8oz. The other half was gifted to Karen who caught the spinning bug just a few months ago. The gray is corriedale singles; my first attempt at spinning on a spindle(I only own spindles for now). The brown ball is some brown corrie, also purchased to learn on, both from Brooklyn General. That little brown and white skeinlet between the ball and the gray singles is the rest of the brown corrie and a teense of white Blue-faced Leister(BFL).

Left to right: Approx. 4 oz of 2-plied Columbia fiber, the other 4oz, also two plied, dyed with Kool Aid and RIT, from CopperMoose on ebay; Navajo-plied BFL from Little Barn.

Some 2oz of Navajo-Churro/Corriedale blend I received in a RAK from Sarah.

Sweet silk from hankies spun into singles, RAKed to me from Wendy! The right-most ‘bobbin’ is andean plied; that was a job and a half… Never try to ply silk from a center pull ball.

My spindles in various states of fullness: Rainbow dyed silk hankies, and red, blue and undyed Merino 64s, all from The Yarn Tree.

This is the rest of the Merino 64s mentioned above, plus some in black! I still don’t know what I’ll make of these…

Some Bamboo Top, also from The Yarn Tree, and the last of the rainbow hankies.

Some unknown, fleece gifted to me by Karen. As I card and spin this, it’s feeling the way Finn fiber does when it’s ‘in the grease’, though I could be wrong about the breed. (knowing me, it’s likely 😉 )

And now, on to the latest goodies! Rhinebeck Stash!!

That’s about half of the 2lb Shetland fleece I picked up at the festival that weekend. I’ve had a chance to wash this half, card a little and spin it up.. It’s definitely a hardy fiber meant for outerwear, or at least a thick sweater! I’m gonna have fun spinning this when I get my wheel.

Lime green Alpaca/silk/wool blend, bright yellow wool/tussah silk blend, and unknown wool blended with wool and silk thrums, all from Little Barn, via Rhinebeck. All 8oz each. It broke my heart to open those sealed bags.

Last but not least,

Undyed Finn fiber, a total of 8oz and some dark(black?)with bits of (gray?) interspersed Finn fiber, 8oz, All from Misty Mountain Farms, via Rhinebeck.

Woo. I guess that’s all of it. I think I need a nap! 🙂



11 responses to “Fiber Flash Your Stash 2006!

  1. I forgot all about it. I’m afraid to flash my stash because I may be guilted into not buying any more fiber. Yikes!

  2. WOW! That’s some serious stash you have there! Bamboo fiber? Am I missing out on something? There are only conservative fibers available in Germany. 😉

  3. Nice stash!

    Nice to see the Churro-corrie spun too. Hmmm, what to do with it? Since it’s thin, you could ply with another yarn to get a cabled yarn before knitting?


  4. OK – lemme take you to task for something. First of all, those pics are not bad at all. So go easy on yourself. Second of all, if this is a fiber flash in which we are to drool over your fiber, then for Gourd’s sake – post a normal size pic! I know you can do it, I’ve seen it on other wordpress blogs. Banish the thumbnails already! I’m too lazy to click every pic. 😉

  5. I still love that lime green.

  6. Fun – I’m on my FYS crawl – you sure have a lot of stash! I’d call it some top notch pr0n!

  7. Nice fiber and handspun there! The silks especially! Yikes, I better never start…too addicting! 😉

  8. Mmm, mmm, mmm, mmm,mmm. That’s some good stuff there. Nice stash!

  9. Nice stash. 🙂
    I love your spindles. You’ll love the shetland. It’s my favorite fiber

  10. Well – I think you did a better job than I did in flashing your stash – great stuff! And you haven’t even been spinning for very long at all (at least I have the excuse that I’ve been accumulating for about 5 years now).

    Seriously – lovely lovely stuff – have much fun spinning it all up – and we’re all looking forward to seeing the pics of it as it’s being spun.

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