Project: Insanity

No, this isn’t the name of a new knitalong. It’s basically what’s been going on.

On the trip to Rhinebeck(there’s that word again!), I tried working on my son’s Father & Son socks, but got stumped at the heel flap and decided to work on something else. I took my second Diamante with me to finish but didn’t feel up to working on it, so I started up another garterlac dishcloth. I’ve since finished it, and another, which I now use for kitchen cleanup.

(By the way, this design would make nice washcloths, but I need a softer yarn for the skin; any suggestions?)

As I was saying, projects. Let’s see:
There’s Kiri: I’ve put Kiri in a time-out. This is what I get for putting it down for so long and then trying to remember the pattern. Mind you, I’m looking AT the chart but some how managed to fark up the last 2(4) pattern rows. Then, after fudging the stitch count, the edging wanted to act up. It turns out, that I probably should have done a certain number of repeats before attempting the edging(ThangQ, Tania for pointing this out!). It does make sense. But after those last 2 pattern row problems I just wanted to get it done with. I guess, if I want this to look right, I’ll have to take the time to FIX it… *sigh* I mean, it’s not like I’d run out of yarn; I haven’t even touched the 2nd ball of the Misti Alpaca laceweight I’m using.

Then, there’s Father & Son, pair #1:

It’s not a very hard pattern, just a bit of a bitch with the tiny cables. I know of knitters who can do them without a cable needle, but I just don’t trust myself not to drop stitches clean off the face of the earth. So bobby-pin-cum-cable-needle, it is. I was getting the sinking suspicion this sock will be a bit big on my 6-year old. He has such skinny ankles. But it does seem to fit well. I just have to stay on top of it to make sure I don’t knit too far before doing the toe decreases.

And just so you know for sure I’ve lost it, I’ve joined Lacevember. I know. I didn’t finish Kiri. But hey, Lacevember doesn’t officially start until November 1. Whoops. I started LOL.

Be nice. Icarus(which I’d actually wanted to do long before I set my sights on Kiri), is so far proving to be a much less formidable knit. Yeah, I know, I haven’t reached the *gasp* edging yet. But I’m not feeling nearly as much stress over the basic parts of the shawl as I was with Kiri. With her, it seemed as though the pattern always shifted over. I couldn’t get my bearings even if I used stitchmarkers with every motif repeat. But the Icarus shawl is designed in such a way that the yo’s and decreases line up nicely. Much less stressful, don’t you think? (I’m sure there are readers out there grumbling that if the project isn’t mind-wringingly complicated it’s not lace, and it’s not worth doing. To them, I say , Watch the birdie! 🙂 )

Add to these projects, undone as they are, the fact that I’ve also finally signed up for the Six Sox KAL** –yes I know I’m late, 😛 — and you know I’ve gone off the knitting deep-end. *grabs life jacket on the way overboard* WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

Happy Knitting!

ETA: Here’s an attempt at a Saturday Sky!

**I have only joined the Yahoo group and will not participate in the webring, so no blog button.


4 responses to “Project: Insanity

  1. Hmnnnnnnnnn, lacevember huh? Do I dare sign up for this, considering I did horrible during Socktoberfest. I have been considering Cozy for some time now. I will have to think about this!


  2. I love the socks! And I never knit cables without a cable needle. Good luck with the Icarus. I did not join Lacevember because I have enough on the needles without worrying about getting something lacey done.

  3. I made a facecloth out of Plymouth Fantasy Naturale (it’s the washcloth on the button I use for the Monthly Dishcloth KAL on my blog) and I think it would look great in Garterlac!

    Yay! Lacevember! Me too! I’m conquering my first lace shawl. The Swallowtail Shawl from Fall IK. I’m nuts, but we already knew that. =P

  4. Icarus is easy, right? I’ll wait for your opinion on the easiness of the Ick!

    Cute sockies, I might need those too….

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