I don’t even know where to begin. We’ll start with this:

I actually did get to see some sheep. This one called to me from wayyyyyyy across the barn area. I got into the middle of all of them and still didn’t know who was saying, “mehhhhhhhhhh”. He(she?) just wanted to be loved up, because as soon as someone came by to pet him, he(she?) stopped hollerin’ :):

But on to the real goodies

Rhinebeck was a totally new experience for me. Had I gone last year, I probably wouldn’t have enjoyed myself so much as just a knitter. But as a spinner, a whole new world was opened to me with this event. So much fiber! There’s greater potential in unspun fiber than in prepared yarns. Yes, you COULD take a bunch of sock yarn and make an adult sweater, or take a big skein of bulky-weight and make thick socks, but with unspun fiber, you not only get to decide what the ultimate item is to be, but also how thick the yarn you spin will be in the first place.

This year’s Rhinebeck was also a special treat because my birthday had just passed. Two of my Rhinebeck-roving cohorts showered their knitty generosity all over me:

Some Bath & BodyWorks Warm Vanilla Sugar foaming hand soap!! I love the smell of this stuff!! Also in the goodie bag was 4 balls of Jaegar Luxury Tweed! Oh what to make!!! ThangQ Val! Muah!!!

Then, at Rhinebeck Karen gifted me with this:

Some Finnsheep roving from Misty Mountain Farms!! Val gave me a bit of this to try and I loved it immensely!!! I got to try some wheels at Rhinebeck so when I finally get one I can’t wait to spin this up!! ThangQ Karen! Muah!!!
But wait, there’s more:

A 2-lb Shetland lamb fleece!! Eeeeee chocolate brown! I was strolling by trying to find someone and it caught my eye. Yes, I know, it’d take me a while to process it by hand, but I don’t anticipate spinning it until I get a wheel so I’m in no rush. I did wash about half of it that night and when it dried I carded a bit and spun it up.. It’s a really nice fiber.

Here’s more prepped fiber:

Some goodies from Little Barn, all the way from Alabama! I purchased fiber from them before, with no complaints. I love their prices. I was VERY happy to find them at Rhinebeck(ok really I didn’t read the vendor list before going), and it was an even better surprise to find the same good Little Barn prices! I know they’ll be a regular fiber source in my spinning future.

Towards the middle of the day, we got a little nibbly and headed for the cheese sampling area. Mmmm; I tasted cheeses I’d only heard of but never had the opportunity to eat. On our way through the food sampling hall, I found a booth with Spacey Tracy’s pickled goods. They had something I’d never believe existed if I didn’t see it myself: Jalapeno Mint Jelly.

I said eeww at first, but got over it quickly and tried some on a cracker. OMG it’s delicious and not nearly as spicy as one would expect. I was told it goes good on chicken too!! I can’t wait to dig in. And they do mail order!! Weeeeeeeee

I’m backtracking, but earlier on, I witnessed the purchase of Karen’s LuLu, her new Lendrum DT!

Here’s a shot of(l-r) Karen, Val, and Amy as we head back to the car to drop off the wheel! We were on a mission!

I tried it, and it was way better than the Ashford Kiwi I tried first but it still didn’t do it for me. As with previous wheel attempts, I’d get so caught up in remembering to treadle I’d forget to draft and the yarn would break off.

But then… Oh then… towards the end of the day Val came and grabbed me, telling me there’s a Fricke DT to try! This is also one of the wheels I’d planned on trying but hadn’t found all day. Good lookin’ out, Val! I got on that bad boy and whoooooooooooooooooooooooooa nellie!!
I didn’t have to think twice about my treadling; I just drafted and drafted and drafted… I didn’t wanna get up from it. But someone else wanted to try it so I had to let it go. I was not in a position to come home with a wheel. But now that I know what I want, I only have to wait for it!!

Oh, and I DID finish the Cabled Newsboy hat, in time for the trip!:

Cabled News Boy Cap, from Stitch N’ Bitch Nation
Needles: Bryspun 10.5mm and Suzanne’s Bamboo 10.75mm circs( 2 circs method)
Yarn: Tahki-Skacel Chelsea Silk
Started: 9/10/06
Finished: 10/20/06

Rhinebeck was a wonderful experience and I can’t wait to go back next year.


6 responses to “Rhinebeck!!

  1. My ass looks big in that pic. I gotta go to the gym more! 🙂

    Yay for fibery goodies!

    (Is it Rhinebeck 2007 yet?)

  2. YAYYYYYY for fiberfrenzy!!!
    and the hat looks cute too!

  3. Why are we always in the same place but never meet up? Whats up with that?

  4. Your hat looks lovely. I promise you, you are going to love spinning on the Fricke. I’m so glad I went with it. Simple, and to the point. I don’t have to think while I treadle, and most times I don’t have to give the wheel a spin either. I can’t wait until Rhinebeck 2007!


  5. Cute hat! I’m sorry I didn’t see you at Rhinebeck:( I had such a great time, got so much fiber. I saw the Fricke and it is really nice. Hooray for fiber!!!!

  6. Hi,
    Someone was looking for a hat pattern like the BEAUTIFUL red one you made! I love it! I posted a link to your blog for them on Knitty.
    BTW What’s your knitty name?

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