Almost there.

I have been neglecting this hat in favor of Socks. I’m sorry, Hat. Do you forgive me?I need to finish you so that I can wear you tomorrow. Please be nice and let me finish you fast. I’m going to alter your pattern a teense so I can get it done more quickly. Remember, I love you.

Your Knitter,

Uh huh. I have done went off the deep end with this. I don’t know what it is lately with my knitting. I get into a funk and then I lose steam. As if nothing keeps my interest for long. I’ve been here, done this. I’ll beat it.

I’ve been spinning up the nylon spiderweb from last post:

Others have said the nylon cuts their hands, even if they pre-draft it. I’m fortunate not to have that problem. But I realize they might be using wheels which calls for a faster drafting technique than what I do with a spindle.. Hmmm. Must remember if I ever spin nylon with a wheel to use gloves for protection.

Also new on the needles is my son’s Father and Son sock(IK Fall 2006):

The pattern calls for DPNs but you know how I work it: on the loop! So far, so addictive! And I got a tip for you: need a small ‘needle’ for cabling in a pinch? Use a straightened out paper clip(ThangQ Karen for this tip!) or the straight half of a bobby pin.

After the socks are done I will choose a color and dye them whole. Hubby’s socks will stay this color.

Well that’s it for now, gotta get ready for you-know-where..

Checklist, ladies!
1)Dark towels(the ladies I’m riding with know why)
2)Spinning stuff(Nylon web and my trusty home made spindle!)
3)knitting projects(small ones; gonna finish up Diamante and work on F&S)
4)My mind-blowing heavy-traffic wit.(Pick a LANE MF-er, Pick a LANE!)

And just because she’s too cute, I leave you with Ms. ‘spy-a-man’:


10 responses to “READY For RHINEBECK!!

  1. Ronnie is cute!

    Have fun at Rhinebeck! Enjoy the good company, fiber fondling, and friends.

    Hope the hat is finished too by the time you read this!

  2. Ms. spy-a-man is adorable!


  3. aaaawwww cute spy-a-mam!

  4. oooh you’re spinning!! and that you are doing the magic loop on the socks! =D

  5. Cute Spy-a-mam! 🙂 By now you have been to Rhinebeck! Hope you had a great time!!

  6. I’m soooo jealous of you, Val, and K all going to Rhinebeck.

    Now be sure to take lots of photos of your haul and all the fiberly goodness that you saw to make us non-New Yorkers all green with envy.

  7. Ok, she is one brave woman, up there with a spider on her head. I’d have fainted in two seconds flat! 😉

  8. I didnt know you made that hat just for Rhinebeck, its gorgeous! Maybe next time when there isnt so much fiber frenzy we can spin!

    PS Now I’m upset I didnt nab a bag of recycled bottles fiber from Little Barn (see I finally remembered the name!)

  9. I’m so freakin’ jealous of you.

  10. It was great to meet you at Rhinebeck. I’m glad you’re not getting cuts from the spiderweb nylon.

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