Mo’ Money, Mo’ Yarn, Mo’ Spinnin’…

Mo’ Money. Well, not quite. At least, not what you can spend here in the U.S. Behold, a 2-ruble coin!

I tried to shine it up a bit. I keep saying one of these days I’m going to find something to organize these coins in. It seems like the only coin-collecting paraphenalia I can find is geared toward people who collect old American coins instead of just coins, period. I tried a few different database programs and those, too, were more suitable for U.S. currency collectors. Oh well.

On to the Yarn!
If you need/want/like dishcloth cotton, get to a Michaels NOW! You might find some Sugar n Cream you like! I know I did. $1 a ball?; couldn’t pass that up. I snapped up a couple balls of white and some of various ombre shades. Low-cost Xmas gifts, here I come! It’s the least I could do.

Spinning!! On the Knittyboard there’s been mention of spinning the nylon spider webs found in the Hallowe’en decorations department of Target. While there shopping for ordinary stuff I wandered over and found THIS:

It seems everyone else is finding a bag of white nylon, but this is all I remember seeing. Truthfully, I didn’t remember the message so well and didn’t remember what color(s) I was supposed to be looking for, so I just looked for spiders sitting in a nylon web and found those. The white would have been better because it could be dyed to whatever color I want it. But these colors are ok. It just forces me to rise to the challenge of obtaining an undyed, superwash roving, to dye these colors and ply with the nylon!! I don’t know if there are yarns plyed with nylon that use feltable wool, but since all I seem to spin is fine weight yarns, I might as well make these goodies into sock yarn!!

And speaking of SOCKS! I got tripped up. I was working on the foot of the Diamante on the smaller needles and did a crash-n-burn, so to speak. I messed up part of the pattern and when I tinked back to fix it, messed THAT up, so I said F-it and ripped. The needles I was using are a pain with the raggedy joins, so I wasn’t about to reknit on those SOBs. I kept on and finished the slightly-bigger Diamante, and I’ve already passed the heel on the mate. So, I’ve got a spare needle to cast on for the next pair of socks. I’m currently investigating the Inox Express needles, which come in a 2.25mm size and have great joins. It’s just a matter of finding them.

Well, I’ve bent your ear enough; time to fly!


4 responses to “Mo’ Money, Mo’ Yarn, Mo’ Spinnin’…

  1. Wait a minut! I can be a ltitle slow at times so please explain it in laymens terms. What the heck are you planningto do with the nylon? Spin it up likeyou would spin roving? This I gotta see!

  2. Halloween cobweb socks. I think I’ve heard it all now. I can’t wait to see how this turns out! 🙂

    Hey, is that what you’re bringing to do in the car? 🙂

  3. oooh cobwebb socks WHAT an idea!!!!! that so totally ROCKS! * see me scamper off to get cobwebbs*

  4. Can’t wait to see some of the spider-spun! Heeee!

    Glow in the dark socks, now that would be cool….

    (I collect foreign coins too…bunches from wherever I’ve been and ones that find their way to me.)

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