Я имею два рубля (tester)

I really do! I’ve always wound up getting foreign currency, that customers at my old job or hubby’s job would try to pass off as American change. Most of the time we’d catch them and warn them of their ‘mistake’, but sometimes, if things got hectic we wouldn’t notice til the drawers were counted out.

This morning hubby brought me a 2-ruble coin. I have other Russian currency in my collection but I disremember the denominations. More on that in another post, maybe.

Knitting content will follow, just basically trying to see if I can get wordpress to post, in Russian.

до свидания!!


4 responses to “Я имею два рубля (tester)

  1. whoa, i like the russian! i had no idea you can post in other languages!

  2. ooooh russian looks so cool!!! and thanks for the sweet comment on my blog!

  3. I have to admit that I was quite puzzled at first and thought I opened the wrong blog. It looks fascinating and makes me want to learn Russian again.

  4. I used to go thru that all the time when I worked in my Dad’s bakery. Had quite a collection of coins at one point!

    Looking forward to seeing you again at Rhinebeck! Maybe we can actually spin a bit!

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