Just a quick hello and update…

BeanCast Episode 7 is uploaded and ready for listening.

In it, I just briefly talk about my spinning past and a bit about my WIPs.

As mentioned in the cast, Diamante is coming out way better on smaller circs so I’m going to stick with the 2.25mm needles. No progress pics of that yet.

Before I try to start any more WIPs I need to organize my stash *YIKES*. This calls for a stiff drink and some strong arms! (Well, no I’d better not drink or I’ll mess something up!)


4 responses to “Just a quick hello and update…

  1. YAYYYYYYYYY BEANCAST!!!!!! wohoooooooo!
    and my thoughts are with you for the stash reorganizing!

  2. Ha. Ive recently been introduced to Podcasts, and I will be checking yours out m’dear. Organization huh? You’re really brave! Are you still going to go to Rhinebeck after you do that?


  3. Oh I always get a drink before doing some stash diving. You’ll need it when you look back at your living room floor and you realize… you now have to put it all back! 😛

  4. Loved your podcast. And a big YES! to the need for Addi Turbos in 2.25 mm. Looking forward to seeing your smaller Diamante.

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