Goodies Galore!

What kind of goodies? Well how about these?

Home made Peanut Butter cookies. You can find the recipe here. Some of them were in too long but they didn’t taste bad.

Knitting goodies: Like the Garterlac Dishcloth I finished last night:

Sugar and Cream on size 7(and 8 )US needles; color Summer Splash.(thanx Val for getting it for me!) I started on 7s but they were metal straights, so I switched to the 8s because they were bamboo and lighter in my hands. This is my first time working Entrelac. Yes, I realize Entrelac is usually in stockinette; I’ll get to that. But dishcloths are a necessary thing in the world of Don’t-Own-A-Dishwashing Machine. So why not have some fun with them? I like this pattern much more than the Mason-Dixon Knitting Ball Band one. Apologies to those who love the MDK. The Garterlac is much thinner and comes out smaller because it starts on fewer stitches.

After this foray into Entrelac, though, I want to work on the Market Squares bag from the XRX book, “Bags: A Knitter’s Dozen”; I’ve got some Knit Picks Wool of the Andes in some bright colors for that. But, I’ll have to hold off until I finish Kiri.(I will. I promise.)

Here’s where I’m at with the front of Sizzle:

This picture is more accurate in color, compared to the pic in the previous post. I’m not really rushing it, because it’s only going to get colder. But I do hope to get it done by the weekend. My birthday is Sunday, and if I get to go out Saturday night, I want to show off my *ahem*. Well, you know, my knitting skills!

For all you spinners, I’m still carding and spinning up the Unidentified Wool Fleece (hereafter referred to as, UWF) and this is how it’s looking:

I know, not a really good photo. I need to work on that. You can make it bigger if you click on it.

The Cabled Newsboy cap is on hold until I can get a smaller circ. Then again, now that I think about it.. the 2circs method might come in handy with this.. if I could find a second size 10.5 circ… 😉

Well, my brain is clogged so I’m gonna get me some tea!

P.S. If you’ve been looking for Episode 7 of BeanCast, Sorry. I’ve hit a podcasting block, so until I can come up with more, interesting things to talk about.. it’s on hold too.



10 responses to “Goodies Galore!

  1. The Garterlac looks great! Happy upcoming birthday, in case I forget!

  2. Hey Beans,

    I did some baking too this weekend. Yummy. I envy you, you’ve been spinning. I truly need to get back to it. Hopefully the KnitSpin Along I joined will get my butt in gear.


  3. Ok, this is weird. I did MY first garterlac dishcloth this weekend, too! And the other entrelac project I have is a Market Squares bag in WOTA (although mine has been started but has been in languishing in UFO land for a while now). Great minds think alike, I guess!

  4. peanut butter cookies are sposed to be a little bit burnty because that brings out the deliciousness.

  5. Yay for Garterlac clothes! And don’t let Ana see that you’re spelling Entrelac wrong. She’ll smack you for that.

  6. Wow, Libra’s is the best sign EVER. My birthday is Saturday. Here’s to us! Happy Birthday, but I’ll be around on Sunday to tell you again.


  7. Garterlac is nice!

    I think I like it better than the Ball band one too.

    Smaller is better in the world of discloths. And yep, no dishwasher here either!

  8. I…need….beancast…..
    I have been waiting sooooooooo patiently for it and patients is not one of my strong suits….
    but I love the cookies… i’ll have one while I wait… 😉
    can’t wait to find out what you are making with the handcarded UFW !

  9. thanks for the comment bean

  10. Happy berfday you sexay chica!

    I love what you’ve done with the place 😉



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