It’s all in the ‘cards’.

Or so they say. I was recently gifted with some washed fleece. One of my spinning-related dreams was to be able to card my own roving and now’s my chance. I got a pair of cat brushes from a local pet shop:

$10 bucks a piece. Whoo.. But for now, they do ok, considering a set of real carders can cost upwards of $50.

I then grabbed this:

Some washed fleece the name of which I do not know, and spread a little of it on the bristles of the cat brush. And when I was done.. I had this:

Some of it is ‘blended’ with some bamboo I got from Karen, but that’s not working out so well. I’ll just card the wool and think up some other hair-brained scheme for the bamboo top.

Here’s a shot of Sizzle’s back:

I’m about 1/4 the way up the front. I should have it all done by next weekend.

So, really, all I need now, is bigger ‘carders’ and I’m ready to roll!! Back to carding I go! šŸ™‚


4 responses to “It’s all in the ‘cards’.

  1. Weeeee! Sizzle’s looking good!

  2. Let me know your further adventures with the cat brushes. I’ve dog brushes that I’ve yet to use!

  3. wohoooooo YAY for carding your own! I carded some dogfur with my dogbrushes to spin it for a friend and I have to say it was fun! Looking foreward to seeing the yarn that you spin from it!

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