Hat Trick!(again)

It’s starting to get cold again. And you know what that means. Yep, hat season. Who am I kidding? It’s 70 degrees right now and partly cloudy. But before you know it, it’ll be 20 below. There’s another reason I’ll be hatting-it soon. Behold, my wild hair!!

And just because I’ve been told I don’t smile enough:

I’ve had these twists in about three weeks now. I’ve tried almost all manner of dredlock-styling aids except wax and some of them just refuse to stay. I was instructed to use some Sebastian Molding Mud(thangQ to the kind person who gave hubby two Target giftcards, ’cause I was NOT paying damn near $20 for a 4.4oz jar!), and I’m iffy on it. I figure my best bet would be to just not comb my hair anymore and not manipulate it as much as possible to get the locks to stay in over time. I know there’s a reason why Rastafarians cover their dreads, and I’m not one, but I’ve got my own: It’s gonna look like hell long before they look right! Hence the need for a hat.

And I’ve got this:

4 of 6 balls of Tahki Chelsea Silk, 50/50 wool silk blend. I’m thinking a simple cloche or ribbed-hem beanie might do the trick. Nothing fancy to osbcure the tweedy effect of the yarn. I could probably get by with only one ball and the other 5 can become a matching stole.. need to find a worthy pattern for it.

And I know you wanna know:

Check out the stitchmarkers, made by me. 9 repeats(I think? I lost track…) so far. I just want to get this thing off the needles. I need the needle for another project(can you say Startitis?). 🙂 Really, it’s not that bad right now. With Kiri, and a mystery project or 5, I’m alright. Honestly.



10 responses to “Hat Trick!(again)

  1. You and your hair are adorable, Bean! Kiri looks yummy, love that colour.

  2. YAYYY for dreadlets!!!! I love your hair it looks cute on you! and I love the hatyarn too!
    try using the DEP it works for mine!

  3. It’s not wild! I like it!

  4. i like the hair, and thanks for the comment.

  5. I like your hair!

    Many days, I wish for hair that would DO something other than lie flat and straight.

    Hats are good!

    I am going into hat season too soon….starting with that green handspun….

  6. I agree that you are and your hair look great! I know the hair pains. Mine is constantly behind a bandana right now. It’s either that or I’m back to shaving it 🙂 I like your silky hat idea. I have a LYS trip in my future.

  7. Hair good, yarn great. 😀

  8. Cute twists! I don’t think you need to hide them yet!

    Go, yarn!

  9. Don’t you want to just get it all over with and get some big pink wool dread extensions? I have been trying to talk a friend into letting me do her hair in extensions for months. if she wasn’t a fancy cocktail waitress I think she’d go for it!

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