All I Need…

First off, a vent.

I am by NO MEANS an extremely charitable person. I’m probably the last person who’d donate funds to any cause. But considering all the ills in the world worthy of receiving some aid to stave them off, if the manner/location/setting of a knitter’s FO pictures really bugs you, you seriously need to get a grip.


Other than some UFOs that I refuse to name(mainly because I can’t remember them all), I’ve got two WIPs. Kiri, and a new one that I won’t name for fear of farking it up. For right now, the two current WIPs are all I need. School’s about to start again and I won’t have time for much else. I’m looking to head back to work at some point too. And unless my commute consists of something other than 30 minutes of standing on a packed bus, there won’t be much KIPing either.

I want to reiterate how glad I am that I’m using a chart to make Kiri. I’ve got to get into the habit of charting written instructions whenever they are too complicated to knit as is. I keep having vague flashbacks of having attempted this before, but the memory eludes me. Knowing me, it’s probably for one of the various UFO’s in my ‘collection’.

But, I have SOCKS!

Handspun Columbia fiber socks 2-ply on size 2.5mm addi turbo circ. needle(oh Magic Loop, how I love thee!)

These are toe up socks. The green heeled-sock has a standard(?) short row heel. The pink heel is an afterthought heel; my first one! This method truly is easy to do. I still had that nasty gap in the corners where you need to pick up a few stitches but I’m used to that. Susann, has even tried to get me to follow a technique to eliminate that gap but the instructions she gave me had me so confused I threw up my hands in defeat. I can remember them, though, so I’m going to try the technique out on my next pair of socks. I can’t wait to see it happening before my eyes!

That’s all for now. 🙂


13 responses to “All I Need…

  1. They’re done! Awesome work!

  2. Those socks are great! Congratulations. Now if you had carded the raw wool yourself then you can say that they were literally made from scratch (yikes). Anyhoo, I was just wondering how many yards (roughly) did it take to make that pair of socks? Also, I know you may have posted this before, but is it 1 ply or 2 ply. Inquiring minds want to know! Thanks.

  3. Cool socks.


  4. I love those socks! They look wonderful!

    I do need to try an afterthought heel someday.

  5. Yay! Your first handspun-by-you socks! Wonderful job! I need to try an afterthought heel sometime. When I’m ready to do contrasting heels and toes, I think I will. Not that they’re a challenge, just that I dunno if I like that style. Heh.

    And yeah, the vent – I’m with ya.

  6. Very pretty socks! I’ve only done the afterthought heel once, but it was a load of fun to do.
    The only reason that I can figure that designers don’t chart patterns is that it takes more space to print them in magazines. But they are great to have.


    I love your handspun socks Bean. Aren’t toe up socks great?

    I agree with the vent too.

  8. Awww, I so love your socks, the colors you’ve been using are so happy and cheerful! Great! And may I add, I do absolutely aagree with your vent!

  9. I love your socks! The colours are gorgeous.

  10. yay for the socks beanie. i wish i were getting my yarn fine enough to spin sock yarn

  11. Love the socks, bean!!! And thanks for the top down raglan link…

  12. “… if the manner/location/setting of a knitter’s FO pictures really bugs you, you seriously need to get a grip.”

    Love those socks, they look wonderfully cozy.

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