Aww Crap, no Title.

I DO have some pictures. Like this: Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting Stitchmarkers. I’ve been at it again. I’ve got a bunch of the little cloisonné beads so I figured I might as well put them to good use. Then there’s this:

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Handspun socks galore! You can see the heel is a little wonky in this picture. I don’t know WHAT it is that I keep getting that! I’ve tried several different heel types(cuff down AND toe-up) and I always have this problem. I’m about to put an afterthought heel in this second one and see how that goes. I’ve never done afterthought heels before, so this should be a fun learning experience.

I’ve no progress pics of Kiri, but rest assured she is being worked on and is growing smoothly. I put a lifeline in every time I reach the end of row 2 of the pattern. Funny how I haven’t had to rip back to the line yet, but were I to have NOT used one, I’d be ripping all the way to the beginning! I’m using store-bought markers to set off the center stitch; I think I might switch them out for some homemade ones.

I’m a little heartbroken. Seems I don’t have any yarn in my stash that would be the same gauge as the yarn needed for Zippy. So, I’ve returned to my old standby, the Incredible Top-Down Raglan for help with making littlest Beanlet a sweater. But in the spirit of Reduce, Reuse, Recycle I’m going to use the yarn from the failed Picovoli to make it.

Back to the drawing board!


9 responses to “Aww Crap, no Title.

  1. oooo, those socks are too cool… i love the stripes. yay handspun!

  2. The socks look great! So do the stitch markers! Yay!

  3. Bean, is that YOUR handspun??? It is fabulous!!! I love the colors of it. It is looking fantastic knit up. I wouldn’t want to buy yarn either if I were producing that on my own. 🙂

  4. Beauteous socks, Bean!

  5. I love those socks. I want to make my own socks a la twisted sister but I’m too impatient to spin enough for a pair of socks. You go girl! All the signs have been pointing for me to do a lace shawl, I think you just convinced me.

  6. Your socks rock. What kind of roving did you start off with? Did you spin as you went, or you spun it all up first?


  7. The handspun sock is gorgeous!


    The heel thing. huh. It looks like it is too big somehow…is that the case?

    Too big in the heel corner maybe?

  8. I love your stitch markers. They are so cute.

  9. hee hee. nice half sock! Better than my no socks! Your knitting is so lovely!

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