Sneaky Bean

Kiri Take 2

I’ve been up to something. If you’ve heard Episode 4 of BeanCast, you heard me saying I was gonna rip the Kiri Shawl. Then during Episode 5 I said I’d continue Kiri. Then I picked up the needles and after a few rows found myself so far off on the stitch count, I wound up screaming F it! and chucking the whole thing.

I’d been advised to try the project again with a smoother yarn (ThangQ Entrelac!), and this time I’m following the charts instead of the written instructions. Thanx to using an Addi turbo needle this time ’round(instead of the Clover circ, the cord for which NEVER seems to want to relax completely), and all the above changes, it’s working out MUCH better. I was able to get up to, and surpass the point at which I’d stopped the first attempt in a fraction of the time!!

This Kiri is being made with Misti Alpaca 100% baby alpaca, color Maize. I’d have thought maize would be more yellow, but this color is gorgeous nonetheless. And strangely enough, it’s about the same color as the yarn the pattern designer used. This picture was taken at a little more than the 5th pattern repeat. I’ve made more progress since then.
columplied Remember this? It’s now becoming this:


I’m making socks from my own handspun!! I can’t believe it. I’m learning from this, though. If I’m going to spin singles this thin, I should add a 3rd ply to the yarn. I’m currently working on another sock yarn and although the singles are a tad thicker than the ones used for this yarn, the rule would still apply. The resulting fabric definitely has a homespun look and feel to it. That’ll take a bit of getting used to, as well. But I’m loving it!


Stitchmarkers! I’ve had a smattering of beads I bought from Fire Mountain sitting around unused, so I decided to follow the tutorial on Entrelac’s page and make some of my own. They seem to have come out fine, despite the fact that I glued myself to a few of them in the process.

Hopefully, next up on the WIPs list will be Zippy. Littlest Bean will be needing a fall sweater and I’ve got a bunch of yarn that needs using. It’ll be my first attempt at putting in a zipper, so wish me luck.

Oh, and how could I forget???

NLMittens Finito!

Here are the Northern Lights mittens, completely. I was alone and itching to take a pic and be done with it. Seeing as I only have the 2 hands needed to take the pics, I had to do it, without the gloves ON. Novel idea, huh?

I’m off to stash-dive for Zippy! TTFN!


11 responses to “Sneaky Bean

  1. The mittens are beautiful! And so is your handspun. And so is the shawl! The markers are nice too!!

  2. The mittens are too freakin’ cool!

    Congrats on making socks from your own handspun! A milestone I think!

  3. wohoooo for the Kiri!!! great job bean!
    I Love the mittens, but you knew that already!

  4. So many pretty, pretty projects!

    *makes note to listen to new Beancast next time she’s alone in the office*

  5. the mitts came out great! I can’t decide which I like better. The markers are great too!

  6. Nice start on the sockie!

    I’ve found with the handspun, I get a sock I like better if I go down a needle size. It helps compensate for the slight unevenness in the handspun, and makes a tighter fabric that wears better….

    I normally knit commercial sock yarns on 2s. I’m knitting my handspun on 0s.

  7. LOVE the look of your handspun knitted up. And YAY for finished Northern Lights. They look awesome.

  8. Pretty stitch markers, happy to know you were able to unhitch yourself from them inspite of the glue. The sock is looking pretty too.


  9. the mittens look great! very cool! And hopefully Kiri will behave the next time around…

  10. “Let’s be frank,” The Chicago Tribune wrote recently, “the Bean is hot.”

  11. Handspun, handknit socks….drool. Now if only I liked knitting socks. And if I could spin well enough to make yarn worthy of socks. But that’s yet to come….

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