One Down, One to go!

So begins my first post in my new blog home. And with that I’ve finished up one of the Northern Lights mittens I’d been working on the past few weeks.

The mittens call for 7 colors but I think I did good with only two. At least, since I have 4 balls of other colors I can do these mittens again, in different color combinations. Here’s hoping I have enough for the other mitten!

On the spinning tip, I’ve spun up and plied half of the 2oz of Churro Corriedale cross I received last week. It’s tiny. It feels softer than it did when i first got it, for some odd reason; I haven’t washed it yet. My plan is to spin up and 2-ply the rest of it and then make a cabled 4-ply for knitting.

Does this look familiar to you?

That’s right, I ripped Pico completely. I know I wouldn’t have worn it. It looked hideous on me. I don’t have a waist and so the waist shaping was useless. It didn’t even look right. It looked like I tried to make pockets on the thing and forgot to leave a space open for my hand. Right up under my boobs. Eww. Maybe side shaping might work for me, but for the time being the Red Cotton-Ease will be something else.

I’ve finished up the first dishcloth and did another in contrasting colors. They are way big for me to be washing dishes with but I manage. Now to find more, interesting yarn colors to make as gifts!

Speaking of gifts, I think this will be the first year I try to make knitted gifts for Christmas. Let’s face it, I’m stingy! Oh I’ve knit a few hats, and mittens and socks for my immediate family but most of my knitting has been for me. I encounter people on the net and IRL who think it great that I can manage to knit for myself.. I’m usually thinking to myself, “Huh?! Why do you feel you have to knit for others all the time?”. I think about telling them to grow some balls, but I just keep silent til the feeling goes away.

So this year, some people I know are going to get very lucky. 🙂


6 responses to “One Down, One to go!

  1. hey bean! welcome to your new “home”
    love the mitten!

  2. That mitten looks great! I like it a lot better in fewer colors; the original was just too busy.

  3. Love the mitten! Great colours.

  4. good lookin mitten, kitten!

  5. ooh! It’s finished! Can’t wait to see it in reverse!

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