Old and New

Note: Some parts of this post will make no sense. They pertain to a previous blog which would lead you to this one. This and all previous posts were simply imported from the old blog. Posts prior to August 2006 may NOT have accompanying photos.

Life has a funny way of coming full circle. I remember finding some old knitting needles my mom used to have years ago. I never knew she knitted. I knew she crocheted, as she was the one that taught me how. But knitting, I had no clue. I knew she sewed too. I found this pic of her from years long before I was born, and wonder if she made those outfits. I bet she could have.
momjadeMom’s furthest from the microphone.

I think I inherited my singing talent from her, though I didn’t have the balls to pursue a career. It didn’t go very far for her, though I don’t know why, and soon my brother came along, and then me. She often sang around the house, and I know it pained her to have let go her dream. As they say, all good things must come to an end.

And so it has with this blog. I’ll be leaving Typepad soon for greener(?) pastures. It’s been a wild ride, but some things need to be done and giving up this blog host is one of them. I am in the process of moving to WordPress. So far it appears that the posts I’ve already made are well situated in the new spot, but I couldn’t move the pics directly so I’m still working on that. It’s been suggested I go with flickr for off-blog pic hosting and I’ll probably wind up doing that. Soon as I figure out how. I always seem to have a problem with it.

If anyone out there using a WordPress.com blog can help me get my blog together I’d greatly appreciate it. I’m having a time of getting all my typepad sidebar content onto the wordpress blog. Other than that I’m ok.

On a more positive, less nostalgic note, LOOKEE!! 😀 Boy the RAKs sure are ‘rackin’ up lately. Just when things seem to be looking down, something comes along to cheer me up!!

goodies from morgsarahThangQ Sarah! Sarah sent me some cool Churro-Corriedale cross roving. This is true roving, the wild and fuzzy stuff, not the straight-combed fiber. It’s a teensy bit rough on the fingers but I’m told that’s pretty good as far as this breed of wool goes. I imagine it’ll soften up with washing but I’m thinking of making something for the house with it.. Some felted bowls?

The Green yarn is a skein of K1C2 Truffles, which is 100% Rayon. I was hoping to make a Dream Swatch from some handspun silk, but reality sunk in and with my apparent inability to spin thicker than THREAD, I’ve decided my silk spinning will be relegated to making singles to ply with other fibers. Maybe the Truffles will be enough to make Dream Swatch.

The other yarn is some vintage yarn Sarah received from a relative. It’s a cotton, Polyester, nylon blend. Made in Italy. The label says Fiori and then there’s another word on it I can’t make out.
Sarah’s a hoot! She sent a little note on HamuStar stationery!! Too cute. I’d post a link but um.. I can’t read Japanese!

Ok, gonna cut this one short.. ‘Night everybody.


5 responses to “Old and New

  1. Congrats on the new blog! It’s looking great so far!

    I love the photo of your mom. You look so much like her!

  2. This blog looks so much cleaner/neater than the old one. Thanks for linking!

  3. love the new blog , Bean!
    Yes Sarah is a sweety… I am glad I met her in person!
    great pic of your Mom’s group! so cool that she did that!

  4. Congrats on the new blog home!

    That is a really cool photo of your mom. Thank you for sharing 🙂

  5. I like the new blog!

    Yay for hamustar stationery…

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