Life’s a Beach!

And then you try to knit at one. Friday I packed up a bag of knitting goodies , a big bottle of ice water, donned my trusty flip flops(that’s right, I wear them in public!), and hit Coney Island to hang with Karen. She was smart. She wore a swimsuit. I didn’t. I actually looked right at it as I was getting dressed, said Nah, and kept moving.. Real Smart.

I did manage to roll up my pants legs and put my toes in the waterfoam. I had a pic of my feet but my toes are ugly so you won’t see that 🙂

It was an interesting day, what with flies biting the hell out of me(flies at the beach? I’ve NEVER had that problem) and K, and funny they didn’t seem to be bothering anyone else there…

Tried to knit a few rows of Northern Lights NLM1, that didn’t happen. I KNOW. People say things like “It’s too hot to knit wool” and I’d never believe them, til that day. That and the breeze blowing the fingering weight yarn around, I couldn’t concentrate.

So I stared this BBdC Mason-Dixon Knitting Ball Band Dishcloth. It’s cute. The pink is some Sugar ‘N’ Cream I had bought 2 years ago?, and never got around to using(this was back when I only crocheted and made my dishcloths that way), and the lime green is some Lion Brand Kitchen Cotton K brought me to save the day.

The pattern’s easy to remember and so-so on speed. I don’t get how some knitters knock out ‘a couple’ of these in one night. I can barely do half of one before I want to go do something else. As small as a dishcloth is you’d think I could at least finish one a day, right? I could do that with crochet though, hmmm.


3 responses to “Life’s a Beach!

  1. I like the dishcloth Bean…sweet collours!

  2. Funny, enjoyable blog. The cloth looks nice.


  3. hah! i had the same problem. it was with socks, and nevermind the blowing wind, it was more like sand. sand EVERYWHERE. :-p

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