Ummm, Yeah.

I’ve been knitting. I promise. My startitis is flaring up with this heatwave and I had to begin some mittens. The Northern Lights mittens from Knitpicks. And boy am I having a time with it!


The left mitten is half done. I near had a breakdown trying to figure out the instructions for the thumb gusset stitches but I just went ahead and did what made sense. It seems to have worked, so I won’t let it bug me. This pattern originally calls for 7 colors, but I am missing one so I followed Karen’s cue and am making them with two colors. It lets me get my feet wet with more involved fair isle technique. The currogated(two color) ribbing wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be.

I notice the colors don’t pop with the green as the background, so I’m going to do something VERY Bean and VERY New York, and reverse the colors for other other mitten. Yes, I’ve lost it for sure :). I could definitely see myself making more of these mittens, now that I more thoroughly understand the instructions.

Worry not, I haven’t forgotten my other WIPs. Ok, so maybe I have. But I will not let them get too far undone. I’ve got to work my stash down so I can make room for the glorious fibers to be had at Rhinebeck.

Even though Knitpicks has up and decided to offer more variety in their Bare(formerly Color-your-Own) line, I can resist the temptation if I know that I can probably just spin my own. Yes, it’d be faster to order it pre-made but that’s not as much fun, now is it?

As for spinning, the BFL is almost spun up. When it’s done, I can take a measurement of the total yardage so I can earmark it for a specific pattern. All that’s left is to dye it. I’m considering a graduated dye method, the likes of which can be found in Yarns to Dye For, by Kathleen Taylor. I’m not thrilled with all the 40-foot skein-making business the book focuses on, but I think gradual shading of yarns would be easier to do and still produce beautiful results.

Well I hear a mitt.. I mean a Kiri, I mean a Pico sleeve calling me.. I’d better tend to it.



7 responses to “Ummm, Yeah.

  1. It’s a very pretty green, but I think that reversing the colors will make it pop more. I can’t wait to see the other one. And 1/2 way done!!! You JUST started it!!

  2. Mittens in the summer? You’re crazy! 🙂

    Those look great, and I think reversing the colors will be wonderful!

    Can’t wait to see the BFL!

  3. I can’t wait to see the mitts done bean!
    the collour reverse sonds like a realy fun thing to do for the second mitten!
    Halfway doe already? wohoooo!!

  4. Bean!

    Nice mittens! I just recently did my first thumb gusset too….

    I love the idea of reversing the colors on the second mitt!

  5. Those are some stylin’ mitts! I like them with two colors – plus I fully embrace the idea of fewer ends to weave in!! Yay!

    We’re knit-sisters as I’m on a mitten-knitting binge right now. : )

  6. nice mittens… and you go spinning! I vote you and Zib the two Persons Most in Need of a Wheel.

  7. wow Bean that mitten is looking great! I may have to look into that pattern myself, as I enjoyed the first farie isle I did, and was looking for another pattern.

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