Do What Ya Gotta Do

And so I did.  I went and got the fixings for more CD spindles.  Making these things is addictive.  It’s easy and fun, too. This time,  however,  I needed to make one that’s a bit heavier than the others. Someone suggested I weight it with washers, so I bought a bunch of those and there we have it.

This  one weighs in at about 2.1 oz, which is almost the same weight as the Schachts I have.  This isn’t to say I wouldn’t ever buy a professionally made spindle again, but when you need something fast making them produces an efficient spindle at a fraction of the cost!

Besides. I needed to save up the cash for THIS:  8 oz of RED merino top

and this:  8 oz of BLUE  Harrisville roving.

While accompanying  Karen on a jaunt to The Yarn Tree,  I found this in the fiber room, waving at me. I walked over, said hello and the stuff just JUMPED up into my arms and wailed, "Take me home!!!!".  So I did.  The End.

I specifically made the heavier spindle to spin up the blue fiber. The Harrisville is a true roving, which is carded into a batt(well THIS stuff is a batt), and the fibers are not aligned. The merino is known as Top, which is combed so the fibers are all in the same direction.  This preparation results in a major loss of fibers so that is why top is generally more expensive than roving.

Some spun yarns.
BflcolumbiaThe skein on the right is some of the Columbia I finished off last week. The left skein is some of the BFL I’m currently spinning up.  The Columbia is 2ply and seems to be a DK/light worsted weight, while the BFL is Navajo plied. It’s coming out thicker,  like a chunky weight yarn. They are two different breeds of sheep but I just might dye them both the same colors and make a some sort of winter warmth set.

Today’s haul turned out good,  all for under $30.  I can only imagine what kind of damage I’ll do for Xmas! πŸ™‚


One response to “Do What Ya Gotta Do

  1. And then you’ll make me something from the blue, right? πŸ™‚

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