(Some readers might have seen a different post here.  It is gone.  Yes, you ARE crazy, but there was a post here, hehe)

I’ve got a PodCast!! It’s one of my first attempts at broadcasting myself on the net in a long time. Please listen and let me know what you think? Is there something you want me to address? Questions you might have? Ask away! Hit the link on the left, where it says Listen.

Don’t worry,  this will not replace a written blog.  Just trying out a new medium and having a ball!

In knitting news,  I’ve got a pair of kid socks on the loop.
Ronnies_socks_001These are from some leftover Elann Sock-it-to-me, in I believe, Little Red School House.  I made the 9 year old a pair of knee socks from it once and I still have enough to make perhaps 2 more pairs of kid socks this size. These here are for a 3 year old.

On the Spindle: Actually OFF the spindle, and its  about time! I’ve 2-plied up the rest of the undyed Columbia top and as it stands I’ve got about 180 yards to work with.  Any suggestions on what I can make with that? What’s funny is I recently realized I’ve been miscalculating how long my skeins are.. So now I’ve got to go back and change all my calculations.. Some of them are on the old hard drive though.. Oh well, back to counting…

Just gonna keep this post short and sweet. But do check out BeanCast and give me some feedback!



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