No! Yes! No! Yes! No! Yes! (You’re Grounded.)

*To the tune of "I Feel Pretty".." I’ve got silkkkkkk…"

Thanks to the wonderful, superb knit designer Wendy(and Val, and Karen), I have in my possession almost 4 oz of silk hankies!! I’ve already spun a few up and made this:

SsilkThis is some more on my Schacht.  You’d be amazed at how much you can get from a pile of silk hankies. It doesn’t look as though I’ve used any of it.

Yeah, I’ve had misgivings about using silk, what with how the worms sometimes die in the process. But I got over it.  Thinking about it  makes my head hurt. For more info on how silk is made/harvested or whatever, go to this extremely informative site.

Picovoli is almost done. I thought I was being cute by putting on the picots. Bad idea. They’re pretty, believe me,  but it’s a BITCH sewing the fookers down. I had a feeling it would be, so for the hem, instead of sewing them down I just bound off. If it rolls up, so what.  After sewing down the neckline and the sleeve picots it’ll be off to the washer and dryer.

I’m thinking, instead of making another Pico, I might make the Ballet Camisole, from this month’s Magknits.  It will be one of those check-your-gauge-every-10-rows projects because it’s knit from the bottom up and I won’t be able to just try it on as I go.

For shits and giggles, I once had a ‘100 things about me’ post but I have since lost the ability to link to it, and it’s on another blog host. I found a similar list on the Knitting Doctor’s blog, and thought it’d be fun to make a list with my own answers. I’ve traced the meme back through several blogs and hit a wall not too deep in. Apologies to whomever may have started it.


3 responses to “No! Yes! No! Yes! No! Yes! (You’re Grounded.)

  1. Oooh lovely silk – I haven’t tried it myself yet! I could only hope to spin as evenly as you did!

  2. I am so eager to try spinning silk hankies! Looks like fun! Your spinning is lovely.

  3. Gorgeous hankiespinning there!!

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