Hereeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee’s Beanie!!

I’m Back! Where to begin?   I know the library staff must have wondered what I was on to be there so often. If they only knew.

In the approximately two weeks that my old compooper was out of order
I’ve managed to add two new WIPs to my list. See what being BORED can
do to a person?

In a fit of madness(startitis) I re-started Picovoli. This time I chose to make the picot neckline and will use them on the sleeves, too. Not sure yet about the hem. Pico is being knit in Cotton-Ease. I read somewhere that someone used it for theirs so I decided I might as well put my stash to the test. This attempt is going to be knit a size smaller than my first one. Something about cotton blooming, and all. I tried it on and it’s a good fit, which it wouldn’t have been if I’d made it bigger. This will be my 4th top knitted and the others were all too baggy.  More than likely, Pico will be copied in yellow Cotton Ease.

This is Kiri. I kept hearing about how hard Kiri was. I’m still trying to find out where the problem was. It’s been smooth sailing, only letting up for me to finish Pico first so I can wear her. Yeah, I’ve had to tink a few stitches here and there, no big deal. As the shawl enlarges, though, I plan to make use of a lifeline. Just. In. Case. Kiri’s in what I had left of the  Lane Cervinia/Plymouth Softer, which I’d been previously using for Belle Epoque.

Speaking of Knitty! Summer issue is OUT and it’s a humdinger. Lots of socks, wristlets/armwarmers and hats to keep us knitters happy. Small projects, though made of wool and such, are great for toting around while we enjoy the Summer weather. If where you are is now in Winter, whoops. But you know what I mean.

Don’t think I forgot about spinning and socks. As previously noted, I gave up on the Quadri-socks. I’ve taken them off the extra-long circ needle(which I used to help me try on Pico–I KNEW I could use it for something…), and moved one pair’s worth of Koigu to a shorter circ. I even had to cut the damn yarn to get it all untangled. I’m STILL mad at myself for it. But, at least it’s free to knit again.  I spun up the rest of the Columbia fiber, this time undyed. It spun like butter! I’m sure now, that I’d partially felted the fiber when dyeing it. I’m not going to ply the singles. I’m going to experiment with a hat pattern.  I’m not sure if I’ll dye it either.

Ahh, the joys of being able to read your email without people practically STANDING over your shoulder reading it with you..


11 responses to “Hereeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee’s Beanie!!

  1. Yay! For being back! I’ve missed you in chat.

    Good to hear that you could use the long circ for something more useful and congratulations on more WIPs.

  2. Your spun stuff looks awesome. And I’m very happy that you’re back online. 🙂

  3. Hurrah you’re back. Chat is not the same without you :0)

  4. You know we must be twins because I have on the needles Kiri and Picovili, and socks. I want to finish these by the end of the summer but spinning keeps getting in the way.

  5. Oh did you get you spun yarn so even. I am jealous!

  6. WOhoooo Beanie!!!!
    So glad to have you back !
    * hugs and snogs*

  7. First time visiting your blog. I like your knits! Wish I knew how to spin…Got the supplies when I first learned of it but too scared to try it. You’ve got some great spun stuff!

  8. Pico is looking good! Welcome back to the blogging world!

  9. Yay!

    new puter!

    And nice Kiri there…can’t wait to see it complete!


  10. Picovoli and Kiri are looking great. Can’t wait to see some FOs!

  11. go Bean! Kiri is beautiful!

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