I’ve got it. Chronic Startitis. It’s manageable, with the proper medications: Yarn, needles, patterns, fiber, and spindles. Yeah. I think I can manage this. My family is very supportive; they’ve come to realize nothing they say or do will make me better . And I’m fine with that.


In the last few days I:

Finished up the second piece of dyed Columbia singles. Took me at least 15 minutes of continuous winding to get all that onto the paper bobbin(aka toilet paper roll). And now I’m onto the third and fourth pieces, to create a 2nd ply. 

Dyed one hank of the Paint-Your-Own. It’s a lovely shade of RED. First I tried Red RIT. It didn’t come out as deep as I’d have liked. It’s possible I didn’t use enough powder. I redyed it with Cherry Kool Aid, and it’s brighter(more red) but still not what I got when I dyed some other wool yarn. Turns out I probably used Strawberry instead of Cherry. This yarn will become the Icarus Shawl from Interweave Knits, Summer 2006.

Felted a potholder. Some chunky weight yarn I got from P&S Fabrics a month or so ago. I’m working on the mate now. Not gonna bother putting them in the WIPs list because by the time 10 people have seen the list, it’ll be done. It will be listed in the Done Deals gallery as an FO. I’ve got another two balls lying around here somewhere and those will become oven mitts. Just a big-ass mitten pattern, right? Right.

Started a new book: "12 Sharp", by Janet Evanovich. I’ve been waiting for this puppy for MONTHS. I LOVE her Stephanie Plum series books. I started re-reading "Four to Score" last night to get my reading tastebuds going. Hubby and I got up early, took the kids to school and hit Target like a lightning bolt. None on the shelves. My heart sank. About 30 minutes later on our way out the door, I looked over to the books section one last time and saw it there!! Someone had restocked the shelves!!! Faster than you can say SALE, I ran over and snatched a copy and about knocked hubby over trying to get it on the conveyor belt so he could pay for it.

Tomorrow, he       
20050908_img_0007_1graduates from Kindergarten. My little boy is growing up!! It’s as if I’d just found out I was pregnant with him, yesterday. I asked him if he’s looking forward to 1st grade, and with a smile, he said, "Yes." That’s my boy.


5 responses to “Goings-on

  1. Aw! The Runion graduation! Congratulations!

  2. awww 😦 they are all growing up WAY too fast. 😦 Dilly-butt starts 1st this year too…and eddie turns 2, WAY too soon 😦

  3. Hey There,
    Just linked in from Craftster. I love running into blogging NY’rs. Are you by any chance part of NY Sit N Knit? There’s going to be a spinning meet-up soon, as most of us have taken to spinning or wanting to learn how to spin.


  4. You’re one busy gal! I can’t believe you’ve only been spinning about a month! You’re doing great. I love your blocking board too – very creative. Keep on spinning. It’s SO addictive.

  5. How fun to follow you home from my blog (whorlygig)! I’m glad you like my pillow; I actually purchased a 14 inch pillow form because I was able to find a nice one that was super soft for a reasonable $. And I might decide to make it a different colored sewn cover at some point in the future, to change the color in the background of the crochet cover; for now, I’m just leaving it as is, white.

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