Dude! Again!(Almost)

Yep, I got to see Keanu again. Only this time it was on screen! Last night, K and I got to see a screening of "The Lake House", with Keanu and Sandra Bullock. Let me tell you it was a beautiful movie. Confusing as all hell, but still a very romantic love story. I highly recommend you see this. It hits theatres Friday.

Knitting: I should mention there’s a brief shot of knitting needles in the movie :)) K and I saw it and immediately looked at each other and whispered, "KNITTING NEEDLES!" Earlier on, while we were waiting for the show to start, a lady sitting near us noticed we were knitting. She asked me if I was using Koigu! How cool is that?  I was working on this:

It’s of course, made with Koigu and it’s so springy I had to have K hold it open . The yarn is beautiful, and it hides a lot of knitting mistakes. Lucky for me, as I’ve certainly been making them. Somehow, I keep winding up with either too many or not enough stitches. I think I’ve solved some of the problem; it seems I’d sometimes forget to actually pass the slipped stitch over, in a SK2P. Based on the number of extra stitches, I’d probably been doing it more than once in a row.

WwKIP Day: I went but I don’t really have any pics to show you. I took a few but they’re mostly fuzzy or basically the same pics as K’s but from my camera instead of hers. As noted on her blog I was cold without my sweatshirt(why’d I leave it home?), so I didn’t get much knitting done. We wound up having to go indoors. I’m going to the Spin-Out in about two weeks. Wanna bet I’ll bring my sweatshirt and be burning up?

Spinning: You didn’t REALLY think I’d stop did you? I’ve slowed down yes, but not a complete halt. I’ve started spinning some of the dyed Columbia roving(see gallery), into a very fine laceweight singles. Mostly. It more or less wavers between two thicknesses, ‘extremely thin’, and ‘a teensy weensy bit thicker’. I’m still not sure how I’ll ply it and what I’ll make of it. I’d like to try sock but I think I want to find some nylon to ply with it first.

FO’s: Roxy is DONE! There are some pics in the gallery but here’s a shot in action:

That’s Charlotte stuffed in the bag. Roxy came out smaller than I’d hoped. Of course, there’s nothing stopping me from making a bigger bag. Making and putting in the lining wasn’t the nightmare I thought it was. It was a tiny bit more narrow than the bag sides and I had to fudge it a little, but it worked out well. Here’s an inside pic:

RoxydoneinsideI love this print. I got it for $1 a yard. I was thinking purple polka dots or paisleys, and as I was walking to a fabric store I knew had those prints, I passed this one leaning against another fabric store’s window. Next thing I knew, I walked out with a yard of it!

Now, I’m no longer afraid to line bags. I have a Booga Bag already knit up, and not being used because of not having a lining. I think it’s time I put one in. Not in a position to hit up the fabric stores, so I’ll have to use the cows again. :))


8 responses to “Dude! Again!(Almost)

  1. I like that bag chicklet, and you know I had a dream about Keanu last night…..mmmMMMMmmm I think he’s just yummy

  2. oh yeah…I forgot..i have a blog again now 😛

  3. Did you get the tickets for the Lake House from Keanu directly?

  4. I thought the previews were confusing enough – the movie is too? I still want to see it though. Roxy turned out really well! The lining is cute =) Moo.

  5. The lining of the bag is awesome, as is the bag itself. Also the colours of the lace shawl are very pretty.

  6. i love the bag and lining. i have about 4 bags waiting to be lined… =P
    as for the lakehouse… great that you liked it! i saw the original movie (it was based on a korean movie called “Il Mare” back in 2000) and thought it was beautiful too. confusing at first, but after i got the premise of it, it came together nicely.

  7. you go girl!! Love the bag, the cows and of course the Koigu. ph and mustent forget the other “K” Keanu… 😉

  8. hey, I fixed my comments…just for you babe 😡

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