At Last!

I’ve finally blocked Branching Out! After the madness that was blocking Ella(she’s folded and ready to give away- but you can see some pics of her in the Done-Deals Gallery), I got up the nerve to block BO too. It wasn’t so bad. Question is…When/Where do I wear it? I’m not the type to put on a full face and dress slacks just to take the kids to school, and I’m currently unemployed. But it’s still nice to fondle and stare at.
Branching Out: 100% Bamboo, from SouthWest Trading Co. Color 521–Electric Blue
Size US8 Susan Bates  32inch circ needle. Started: Approx. Feb 20, 2006, Finished June 7, 2006(geez, I’m slow!)

Roxy’s gonna get it. No. Not YOU, Dear Anne. I’m talking about that dangone BAG. I need to get it done. After all, I’d like to USE the thing. I have yet to find a lining I like. I want Polka dots. Paisley. Flowers?  Here’s Roxy, unshrunk:

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        And here she is post-washing machine:


The top of the bag came out flared but that doesn’t bother me. I’m trying to stretch the heck out of it with two books and some plastic bags. The handles needed to go through the entire cycle, but the bag felted down to a consistency I like within minutes.

And, last but not least, Nautie. NautiedoneIt’s cute but tedious work. Nautie’s blind because I’ve managed to misplace the felt I bought to make eyes with. Of course, it’ll mysteriously re-appear sometime tomorrow, when I don’t need it anymore.
SugarBoogers won’t care, she’ll love it anyway.

Good news! SpinnDiva is back in the saddle!! She’s been spindling for at least two years, if I recall correctly. She’s a really cool gal, so drop by and tell her I sent you! Spinn takes premade patterns and reworks them in such a way that blows my knitting mind! NO, she does NOT market them as her own. Sometimes she just makes stuff up out of the clear blue sky. She’s nice enough to share her creative talent with me, and I thank her for this.

Up Next? Not sure. Definitely getting those Quadri-socks taken care of, more spinning(hehe), and probably dyeing the laceweight Paint-Your-Own I have.


6 responses to “At Last!

  1. Hello Bean! aaaaaaawwwww thanks…
    I love your branching out…I haven’t made it-yet… 😉
    glad to back too… love ya hon!see you in chat!

  2. Very cool Roxy. The BO looks awesome! I hear ya on the “when am I gonna wear this thing?” but for me, I’ll probably end up gifting it. I just need to do it for lace-practice purposes. Soon, very soon.

  3. Yay, Roxy is felted! I am almost done with mine (tonight, for sure, though I am doing 3 pattern repeats instead of 4). I need fabric…I’ll go sometime after work next week, wanna come? Same trip will be to get buttons for Convertible…

    BO looks wonderful! Wear it no matter what…why do you need full face/dressed up to wear the scarf? I wear ’em with jeans and sneaks!

  4. dear beans,
    greetings!! just stopping by to say hey and to tell ya’ things are looking good!
    any summer knitting plans/goals? get at me when time permits.

    i hope all is well in your world…


  5. Great job on the Branching Out! Alas, I have yet to start mine….

  6. Roxy is beautiful!
    What pattern did you use?

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