No more spinning, I’m getting DIZZY!!

Yep. I love spinning. But I’m gonna have to stop for a while. I’ve got plenty of fiber(is that even possible?) to keep me busy.  Alas, my knitting is being *gasp* neglected. Ella hasn’t seen me( and I, it) in about two weeks. I’ve done a little bit on the Quadrisocks(the two pairs of Koigu), and they’re turning out to be Crusoe. Tulip sock is halfway through the chart on the foot–thankfully I get to omit some rows for the foot section. Tulip is a sock I will not be wearing til late Fall, so I’m in no hurry. I will leave the WIP in the WIP list, however. 

Poor Nautie. She’s getting 4 tentacles and that’s it. It’ll be an 80%-off-everything-in-the-store day in my favorite LYS before I get around to adding the other 4. I’ve got to get a move on with the knitting!!

Here’s a swatch shot–
The small swatch is some Finn, the larger one is Blue-Faced Leicester. I like the way the Finn felt in roving form, but spun up and plied, it’s not so hot. Or maybe it’s just the way I spun it. The BFL, however feels great either way. (So maybe it ISN’T me, hehehe). Brought to you, by the rubber 2. Wondermat makes foam boards without letter or number cut-outs but they’re asking an arm and leg for them.. *sigh*

This coming Saturday, the 10th is the WWKIP day. I’ll be packing up the kids and all their trappings and hitting the park. Ah the joys of a knit-out without the sales pressure. Time to dig out the cooler.
Then later on this month is the NYC Spin-Out!! Seaport Yarn is holding their monthly spinning group the same day as the WWKIP. I debated which event to go to, but after some thought I’ve decided it can wait til July. I will find probably many more spinners at the Spin-Out than in one yarn shop’s little meeting room. I won’t have a billion yarns tempting me, and I will be able to bring the kiddies if I can’t find a sitter.

I’ve already started spinning up the red Corriedale(I’m shameless), and it’s coming out great! I’ll be navajo-plying it. No pics til it’s all done. It’s calling me right now.. Bye!


One response to “No more spinning, I’m getting DIZZY!!

  1. I may have some blue Fixation for you if you want to finish up the tentacles…..

    If the child behaves, maybe we’ll meet you at KIP day…

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