Diary of a Mad Spinner

Well, almost. I’m definitely mad for spinning, alright. But I’m not that far gone. Yet. I’ve been knitting, and spinning, and for ONCE, not itching to buy yarn. Instead, I’m itching to by rovings.

I have three kids and, as a result, tons of laundry to do, so there’s no way in hell I’m going to buy raw fleece and prep it. I know, sad. I’ve been browsing all sorts of fiber shops and ebay and can’t seem to make up my mind. Sheep studio(see previous post) has the most fiber for the least money but their shipping is kind of high. It eats into my funds considerably. Little Barn has not so great pricing but the shipping is better. I found some goodies on ebay, and that’s always good for combining shipping from one seller, so I’ll have to look into that.

HandspunbrownandgrayPlied_bfl_and_fixationleft to right: The gray Corriedale singles I spun up two weeks ago, and the brown/brown Corriedale I plied from singles. 37 yards for the brown/brown, and the gray is unknown. I suppose one day I’ll find out.  Next pic: the undyed fiber is Blue Faced Leicester that Val gave me the other day, in 2ply. The multicolored yarn isn’t handspun; it’s some leftover Cascade Fixation I used to practice Navajo plying. It went rather smoothly, and surprisingly, the yarn is staying plied. Although I’ve been told that yarn in which the twist has been set, can be replied and set again, I had to see for myself if this would work. Now I’ve got all kinds of wild ideas in mind. ‘Re-plying’ could make for some really interesting yarn colors, where before they were just plain old boring.

I’ve also got a little Finn (Thanks, again, Val!) on a spindle waiting to be made into a hank. I might just hold onto that, though, and try and get some more for plying with. Plying is a pain in the butt with a spindle, but it can be done.

Knitting talk:               
KoiguandblokboardThis is my makeshift blocking board. $9.99 at Rite Aid. It’s not all that I thought it would be and I’m glad  I didn’t pay double for the same thing from Joanns.com. I’ve yet to actually try and block something on it. Hubby’s on his off days, so there’s no place to lay out the boards without little hands getting on it. On top of the ‘board’ are four skeins of Koigu I picked up about a month ago. They have become this:
Koiguand60needleGundel challenged me to make two pairs of  socks at one time– on a 60" circular needle. Actually, I’m not sure how the challenge came about but I’m up for it, and I’ve cast on for both pairs. It took a bit of fiddling( you won’t believe what I had to do to get the second pair’s stitches on that needle!), but I managed to get it done. As of the typing of this post, the socks are about 8 rows into the ribbing. I haven’t yet decided if the socks will be plain or have some sort of patterning. 



5 responses to “Diary of a Mad Spinner

  1. so the alphabet things aren’t that great? Good to know. I’m definitely impressed that you got all the socks on the needles. 🙂

  2. You’re braver than me. My second attempt at 2 on 2, the ribbing was done on each separately, then I put them on the needles together. It still drove me mad.

  3. Should I have sent the 3 meter needles, so you could knit 5 pairs at once? 😉

    How are they coming along?

  4. Hoo boy, you really have gone over to the Dark Side (spinning). I’m still not falling for it, though resistance may be futile.
    I got my interlocking mats from Wondermat (online), and they were way more expensive than RiteAid, but I love them. They also hold up to the pounding that two-year old feet inflict quite well.

  5. Are you insane? Not in one day. Not even could do that. One week later it was done. Still waiting on the time issue for Tuesday…will let you know on Monday, ‘k?

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