Nautie and Nice!

Nautie is almost done! 4 tentacles down, 4 to go. And  of course, the eyes.
NautiealmostThe face is more purple than the blue you might be seeing on your screen. It looks very blue on mine. I don’t know when I’ll get around to making another Nautie, but if I do, it won’t be in Cascade Fixation, that’s for sure. Too stretchy and thin.

I’ve been working on Ella, but the further I get, the less progress I seem to be making. That’s because the number of motifs across the shawl increases with each pattern repeat. But you knew that.

I’ve become afraid of the Tulip Sock. It’s all those extra yarns hanging around getting in the way. I know, I know. Bobbins. I’m also wondering if I’m going to have enough to do both socks. I don’t think I’ll run out but you never know.

Speaking of running out of yarn, look what I’ve done: I call it Chocolate Swirl
Chocoswirl1This is what was left of the Border Leicester and some of my brown Corriedale. This skein is about 14 yards. Yeah. I’ve got one about 37 yards long soaking; a brown on brown of Corriedale.

CorrieandmerinorovingThe red roving is Corriedale, and the other is Merino, both from The Woolery. Oooh it’s so soft and pretty but I’ll hold off using it til I get better and getting a consistent thickness in my spinning. The Sheep Studio sells mill ends of Brown Sheep rovings so I’m going to cop some of that to practice with. Yes, Lamb’s Pride yarn is a wool/mohair blend and mohair is a fine yarn to be practicing with, but at $7.50 a lb I want to give it a shot. Little Barn sells Bluefaced Leicester at 9.95 for 8 oz, and I’d like to use some of that too, but with the mill ends I’m getting more bang for my buck, so to speak. I had reservations about using mill ends, but based on what I’ve been reading on I think going the mill-end route is a safe bet to keep me in roving for a while. Hmm…

For those of you who ‘heard’ me bad-mouthing Spin-Off
magazine, I rescind my statements(at least till next issue). There are
some patterns for scarves using singles, which is most of what I’ve
been spinning. These patterns accentuate the waywardness that is a
singles yarn knit up. I’ll have to give it a shot. I just hope I have
enough spun up.  These ladies came up with a spinning blog just because Spin-Off doesn’t come out often enough. It’s already a favorite, and I’ll be adding it to my link list soon.

Have you seen the latest Interweave Knits? Summer 2006 has some patterns I like. The Icarus Shawl is gorgeous but a little out of my league so after I finish Ella, it’s gonna have to be the Flower Basket Shawl(Summer 2004) or Kiri. Then there’s the Lotus Blossom Tank. Drats. For once, I have the recommended yarn in the right amounts, and in a color I’ll love. But I have heard bad reports about the SWTC Bamboo yarn and I’ll agree it was a bit annoying to work with, as I discovered with Branching Out. I will have to dig in my stash to see what I might have that can be substituted, thought I don’t know if I will find anything with the drape of bamboo. 😦 Again, Hmmm…


3 responses to “Nautie and Nice!

  1. Mill ends huh? That’s an idea. I want to try out my spindle, but don’t have any “practice” roving yet. Given all the yarn I’ve been acquiring lately, it’s probably ok.

    Cool looking Nautie!

  2. Nautie is shaping up to be adorable.

    I too hated working with Bamboo – it felt weird and stiff (even though it knits up beautifully) and it knots if you turn away for a second!

  3. Four socks? Are you trying to out-crazy me? You win, okay! Please don’t hurt anybody with your lunatic sock knitting!

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