Heehee. That’s what I get. Tagged. Here goes!

Seven things to do before I die…

1. Go see the Dominican Republic, land of hubby’s heritage.
2. Go on another week-long cruise to the South Caribbean.
3. See my children grow up.
4. Get some sort of degree.
5. Get out of debt.
6. I’m not a very ambitious person so I’ll just leave it at 5

Seven things I cannot do…

1. Fly
2. Cornrow hair
3. Breath under water
4. Drive a stick shift
5. See out of the back of my head
6. Stand the TV being turned on while I’m trying to sleep
7. Think of 7 reasonable things I can’t do

Seven things that attract me to my man…

1 His Smile
2 His eyes
3 His crazy sense of humor
4 The way he massages my feet
5 He knows how I like my Tuna sammiches
6 ummm. Too personal
7 hmmm. even MORE personal πŸ™‚

Seven books that I love…

1. Lilith’s Brood (Octavia E. Butler)
2. The Further Adventures of Huckleberry Finn (Greg Matthews)
3. At Knit’s End (Yarn Harlot, Stephanie McPhee)
4. All the Stephanie Plum series books by Janet Evanovich
5. The Watchers (Dean Koontz)
6. The Big Book of Knitting
7. The Ceremonies (T.E.D. Klein)

Seven things I say…

1. Whatchu think, you got maid service around here?!
2. Got Dammit!
3. Pick a Lane, Idjit(when driving and some idjit on the highway is hogging two lanes)
4. You want me to come in there and knock you out?
5. You wanna make a 5 dollar bet?
6. #$%^$%&#$^(when I screw up some knitting)
7. OOOH a Yarn sale!!!

Seven movies I’ve loved…

1. Stargate
2. Nueva Yol’ (Spanish language movie telling the story of a Dominican immigrant)
3. All 3 Lords of the Rings movies
4. The Rock
5. Finding Nemo
6. How High
7. The Fifth Element

Seven ladies I’m gonna tag…

1. Hmmm. Let’s see: Shetha, K, Lorette, M12, HelenSusann, and April!


3 responses to “TagBack

  1. OH miss beanie weanie you are so meanie weanie πŸ˜›

  2. Oy, what did I do to deserve another tag?!? πŸ™‚

    Look for my answers this weekend. πŸ™‚

  3. Girl, you’re trying to make me think wayyy too early in the morning. I’ll get to this one over the weekend!

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