Stark Roving Mad

I’ve been a bad girl. I’ve been spinning almost as much as I’ve been knitting. Ok,  maybe more so. Here’s my first mini-skein.
Miniskein_1This is some of the Border Leicester roving Val gave me, spun up as a thick-n-thin(Ok it’s like that cause I didn’t know what the pluck I was doing). It’s only a one ply(single). I’ve got a 2-ply of the Leicester and some grayish Corriedale drying right now. All told, it’s probably about a yard of yarn. LOL  I will get better at this. I’d better, what with all the beautiful fiber there is to be had at Rhinebeck this year.

SkeinofcorriecesterThis the other little ‘skein’; some more of the Leicester and some of the grayish Corriedale. I’ve learned something from this skein. I need to add more twist. What I’ve been trying to get to is a fine yarn that will still be somewhere between fingering and sport weight when plied. I ordered some fibers from The Woolery and there should be enough of it to get a good amount ready for plying to make a pair of ankle socks.

Knitting: Ella is still on the needles, and she’s on the second of 3 balls of dyed Knitpicks Color-Your-Own.  After taking care of some other unfinished business I can now work on her shamelessly. (can’t wait for SUMMER-almost endless knitting time!). No progress pics.

Tulip sock was on hold, but now I can work on that too, without guilt. After the Tulip socks, I want to use up my Elann jacquard yarns to make some knee socks. I made a pair for my daughter 2 years ago using this knee sock pattern generator. It worked out well so I’m hoping I won’t have any problems for mine.

I swear I keep meaning to go ahead and felt Roxy. I went over to Purl Patchwork the other day with Karen. It’s lovely in there! I saw some polka-dot fabric I think would go great for the lining of Roxy but it didn’t come in PURPLE. There was a swirly, paisley-like fabric in purple on white, but I’d rather have the dots. So it’s on to some other fabric stores. I imagine the pricing of the fabrics in there might be a bit steeper than I’m used to. So I can’t see paying extra for something I don’t really want, ya know?

After checking out Purl Patchwork, K and I jaunted up to the Going-out-of-business sale being held at  Lion and the Lamb. I think the sale is over now. Just as I suspected, the regular prices were much higher than other stores selling the same yarns, so buyers weren’t really getting that much of a discount.  I even checked out needles and didn’t find anything I’d wanted or could use. There was a faint smell of cigarette smoke there too. I had to go outside to catch some fresh air. I didn’t miss a thing in there.
Karen, however scored some Malabrigo and fondled it all the way home:

KarenyarnrubThis is her digging in the bag for her beloved Malabrigo on the subway, and


on the EL. Good thing she was all the way over there.. I didn’t want anyone thinking I was with a crazy lady. πŸ˜€



4 responses to “Stark Roving Mad

  1. OMG, you really posted the pictures of me fondling the yarn!! LMAO!!

    The spinning looks really good. I’m going to have to get back into that….

  2. Meow!

    (translation: Happy Mother’s Day!)

    Love ya!


  3. Those photos of Karen are hilarious!

    The spinning is looking great! Come bother me any time you want. We’ll figure it out. πŸ™‚

  4. The spinning looks great! πŸ™‚

    Oh and before I forget… TAG! Oh yes, you did it to me, so now it’s your turn. πŸ˜‰

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