Check it out. There’s a new category here: Spinning. And boy have I been! I’ve been wanting to try making my own yarn for a while now. Though a wheel is probably not in my short-term future, the idea of owning my own wheel is certainly looking like one of those must-do-before-I-die type things. 

To start, a spindle(or two):  Spinning_goodies1         

Val lent me the brown spindle, and all the roving in this picture. Back when I first got it I was not doing too well. But last night, I found a site that helped me out a lot. I couldn’t get a consistent yarn thickness going, and I was getting too much twist in the yarn.  The instructions on the site tell me to spin the spindle to gain twist.. but then stop it, and let the movement of my hands allow the twist to climb up the yarn.. I can smooth the fibers out more as they pass through my fingers, keeping the yarn from being too fuzzy. Before, I was trying to draft while the spindle was spinning, often stopping when I felt the spindle going the other way. I wasn’t making any progress like that. So the yarn is coming out MUCH better.

The little white blobs are what I’d previously spun on the brown spindle. Tester-turds, I like to call them :). The beige spindle, I purchased yesterday at Brooklyn General. I got it  because I eventually wanted to own one of my own, but also because the brown one is a top-whorl only. The beige is a Schacht Hi-lo spindle, which can be used to spin either top or bottom whorl. I thought perhaps some of my problem was that I needed a bottom whorl, but it turns out the Schacht is a little heavier and that’s probably what made the difference. I also got some Corriedale Top in a greyish tone and a brownish tone to experiment with. Now that I have a better idea of what I’m doing, I’m sure I’ll enjoy using this new fiber.

The Niddy Noddy, I got Monday  while at The Yarn Tree. It was just about as much of a trek over there as it is to Brooklyn General. The store opens during the evening rush hour during the week and has all day hours on weekends. The niddy will come in handy for all those balls of yarn I have that I want to dye, but must first be turned into hanks. Why pay premium prices for yarn in hanks when you can just niddy-up a ball of the less expensive stuff? You would laugh if you knew how I was making hanks before. 

Behold, the Niddy!!


6 responses to “Woooo!!

  1. Cool. I just bought my first spindle. I still need roving though. But that’s ok that I don’t have it right now. I can wait for that obsession to kick in. lol

  2. It’s looking a lot better–better than my spindle spinning (that’s not saying much)! I’ve heard the Schacht spindles are really nice.

  3. Welcome to the fuzzy side of life! Soon you’ll be totally addicted. 😉

  4. I don’t spin, but admire people who can & do. Also, I read way way way down where you got to meet Keanu Reeves your last day at work! You lucky!!! Happy knitting!

  5. yay for being enabled by val!!! Actually, I totally understand your aha moment with storing spin and then drafting while holding the spindle still… I thought one had to draft while the spindle was spinning and I just wasn’t good at it (thus putting the drop into drop spindle). Also, I still don’t have a niddy noddy and I’ve used things such as bottom-up tubs, or the TV rack (metro style rack 4′ wide) or even two upturned tables spread across my house (for the self striping yarn). It’s all about creativity 😉

  6. Uh oh. Another one seduced by the dark side (spinning). I am trying to resist…..

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