LYS MeMe, and What’s he trying to Prove?

I know, I know. I usually don’t go for Meme’s but  I somehow came up with one while on the way from visiting Knitty City for the first time, the other day. As far as yarn shops go, it’s ok. It’s not GREAT, but ok. I went in looking for a needle and was steered away from buying it, and instead, encouraged to change stitch count to accommodate a gauge problem. Hello? Since when do you discourage a customer from spending money in your store!? Of course, I suspect the point was to get me to save said money to spend on YARN. I was not going there for yarn and I didn’t buy any. Why?

One reason is that well, I do have SOME restraint. I knew what I was going for and if they didn’t have it, I’ll save my money for someone who does! Two, I didn’t really appreciate being kept from buying the needle I needed. (for what it’s worth they didn’t SELL what I needed, which is probably why they figured they’d ‘help’ me so I’d feel grateful and buy something else). And the 3rd reason is, well, they didn’t sell ANYTHING I can’t get somewhere closer to home. Really.  Their selection might be great for someone who lives, say, in the Bronx and Knitty Citty would be among the closest stores for them. But I live way out in Brooklyn. I’d hit Knit-A-Way and Seaport, and The Point first.  I didn’t even get to see how much anything cost in there. No matter, I wasn’t going to buy anyway.

So, all this lead me to come up with a LYS Meme. Having usually not participated in Memes I’m not sure if such a topic exists. I will start it off and Tag 5 others. I’ll try to pick people I know have LYS’s to visit. If you choose to randomly tag people and they don’t have a LYS near them, just advise them to pass it on.

Here goes:

1)What’s your favorite LYS? : My absolute Favorite LYS is The Point.
2)What about it do you like most?: I enjoy the relaxed atmosphere and staff, combined with the fact that they have a place to sit and chat, and knit and nibble on a snack without getting bent out about food being in the store. They understand that we are adults and know how to eat without making a mess.
3)What is your 2nd favorite?: My 2nd favorite would have to be Knit-A-Way.
4)What would you improve about it to make it a tie with your first?: Although their selection I think is on par with (if not better) than The Point, the owner really needs to learn more about what she’s selling, which might make for a firmer business plan.
5)What’s the last thing your bought at your #1 LYS? I purchased a Crystal Palace Yarns bamboo circ needle, size US1(2.25mm).
6)Who’s Next?: I tag, K, Val, Lisa, Anne and Missy!

On another note: WTF is wrong with this man?

If he wants to hold his breath for longer than 9 minutes why doesn’t he just DO it. What’s he trying to prove, sitting in a bubble of water for a WEEK prior to the ‘stunt’?

Yeah yeah yeah, he got me to put a pic of him on my blog, so? I still think he’s CRAZY! Who wants to look like a prune if they don’t have to? Not me, that’s for sure!


2 responses to “LYS MeMe, and What’s he trying to Prove?

  1. Yeah, and I saw an interview with him on Best Week Ever on VH1 and he showed his pruney hands – ew. Why, why, why? And do we need to know that you’re just peeing right there in the water you’re floating in? Ugh. TMI.

  2. I’ve had trouble breathing for the last three weeks, without the help of underwater tanks 😉 Blaine is nuts!.

    I like knit-a-way a lot, but I agree with you on the owner, she seemed a little discombobulated.

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