Fair Isle Madness

Yep, I finally took the plunge:

I started the Tulip and Gingham Socks(pattern from Knitpicks) today. I did a little fair Isle before with the Cheesylove sweater. I saw this sock pattern on the Knitpicks site and I just had to have them. One day a package with all the fixing showed up at my door and I knew these socks would be my destiny.

If there’s one thing I’m learning with this pattern, it’s patience. Patience is very important in knitting. I always get bent out about how fast(or slow) projects seem to go. I get a bit of knitting ADD and don’t want to go on. The mystery socks are no more. I just couldn’t get the pattern to work right, and that was after changing to a different pattern when they were coming out too big and I couldn’t find the right size needle.

So far in the past week I’ve learned Addi Turbo needles don’t come in 2.25mm. I probably blocked out of my mind the fact that the differences between US and European needle sizing is much more significant than one would think. It affects gauge, after all. I found out that what I THOUGHT was the same as a US size 1 circular need is actually not the same in metric. Inox and Crystal Palace make needles that circumference, but they either don’t come long enough to comfortably do the Magic loop, or the joins suck, respectively.

Still with me? Good.

Ella. She’s going to take a while to finish too. And for once, I’m ok with it. So far, here’s 15 inches done. Ella15inches

I’ve done another pattern repeat since this picture was taken, on Tuesday.

So, right now, I’ve got Tulips and Ella at hand; Roxy still needs a crash-bang-whoop through Kenmore-ville. I don’t know why I’ve been putting it off. Perhaps it’s the hand-basting I’ll need to do to hold the top fold down while blocking. Maybe it’s searching for and sewing in the lining I’ll need to make the bag stronger.

Nautie WAS almost done. I got around to getting some real toy-stuffing material so I’m going to take off the face and use that–this will also give me the chance to pick up the stitches from the INSIDE of the body like I had planned to. As it stands right now, Nautie’s face looks like I just changed to a new color because I picked up the stitches from the OUTSIDE of the body. Genius.

That’s all for now. Stay tuned for more progress of Ella and Tulip.


One response to “Fair Isle Madness

  1. Bring the tulip socks with you next week for knitting…I wanna see them.

    Also, let me know if you want my hank of color your own…it’s the same as the one you used for Ella, and if you want it for dying to have a big enough Ella, let me know.

    AND, may I call you tomorrow for you to walk me thru picking up the stitches on the inside for Nautie if I get stuck? Maybe I’ll just do the sewing…eh. I don’t know what I’m doing.

    Is this comment long enough? 🙂

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