Startitis again…

Nasty Startitis is rearing its head again. I’ve finished the Daffy socks just in time to wear them this morning:

The tops are stretched because I just took them off for the picture. So those are coming off the WIPs lisEllasofar_001t today. I’ve added something TO the list, though:

This is the start of Ella. The orange yarn took a few days to dry, just as I figured it would. And it started calling to me so I wound her up and set to. I had to go down two needle sizes to get something resembling gauge, but that’s ok.

I also plan to make it a standard triangular shape. I don’t have enough yarn to make the full size. I contemplated just getting more of the Color Your Own yarn to make the shawl first and THEN dye it. But I have more fun dying un-knit yarn. I’m going into this knowing Ella’s gonna take some time. I need to learn patience with knitting instead of expecting every project to be done in two days.

I ordered some Paint Your Own from Knitpicks and it arrived Wednesday. I’d ordered it to do the Print O’ The Wave shawl. I’m not so sure I want to do that one now, especially since I already have the pattern for Kiri. Not to mention the Flower Basket Shawl calls for 2 balls of Misti Alpaca Laceweight, which I managed to score at Knit-A-Way the other day. If you’re in Brooklyn and you want Misti Alpacas.. get it now; in about 2 weeks, the price is going up!

Also on Wednesday I went searching for a small enough, long enough circular needle to make 2 socks on the Magic Loop in the gauge the original mystery socks  was supposed to be in. I went to two LYS’s known for having a large needle selection and NEITHER ONE had the needle I need. Knitty-buddy Gundel, suggested sending me a 60 inch addi turbo needle in the size I need to make 3 pairs of socks on the ML at once! I just might take her up on that challenge!

So, instead of the ML I’m going to try again to wrap my head around the 2 socks on 2 circs method I have been up against lately. For the forseeable future, it’s the only way I’ll get to work with circs that are 2.25mm. The addis only come in 2.0 or 2.5.

Picked up "One Skein". I like it alot! There are quite a few projects I could see myself making from this book. Since some of the yarns called for ARE rather expensive, I have no qualms about subbing with less pricey yarns even if it means using more than one skein; there’s a set of arm warmers made of Kid Silk Haze that I know I am NOT going to buy.. but I can probably sub with the leftover yarn I was using with Belle Epoque.


3 responses to “Startitis again…

  1. I have, I believe, a 40 inch size 1…you may borrow it if you like. Still wondering about the mystery socks…

  2. I love the Daisy socks! I also like the 2-column layout a lot.

  3. I have to ask: what do you call startitis? Starting too many? Or starting and restarting too much? Or not being able to get started.

    I ask because you’ve mentioned it before – and yet you’re so knitty-productive, I’m not quite sure! 🙂

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