Orange you glad I dyed?

Ok maybe you don’t give a rat’s red(or orange) patootie, but I’m gonng write about it anyway. I’d been meaning to dye this yarn for a while now. I used Sunshine Orange Rit, in powder form to dye  a skein and 3/4s of Knitpicks Color-Your-Own. As an aside, I learned the other day that  the worsted weight version of this yarn is called Wool of the Andes, natural. All this time I was thinking it was CYO as well. The laceweight is Paint-Your-Own. I wonder why all the name differences. Anyhow, here’s some orange-y pr0n for you: Elladyedyarn_004 Elladyedyarn_003

The first pic is with the flash and the sink and gloves are closer to their true color. Strangely, the second pic is without flash and the YARN is closer to its true color. Of course it’ll get a bit lighter once it’s dry. I let the big pot simmer last night for about an hour and let it cool overnight. After a wash and thorough rinse with some dish liquid and VERY cold water(YAY for rubber gloves), I hung the yarn to dry. I guess that’ll take two days.. When all’s said and done, the yarn will become Ella. I thought this would be a good trip back into lace-knitting, and Ella’s a fairly simple pattern. (crosses fingers).

As I sat pondering my WIPS, and staring at my stash bins(and wondering why there’s a fork in one of them–must be Sugarboogers), I decided to give up. I can’t keep my big mouth shut. Mystery socks are coming along rather quickly, but not all that well. I like the pattern itself but I think I used too many stitches and I refuse to rip back. Reducing the stitches would look really nasty. That’s how many there are. I’ve already done the heels on them. Yes, them, as they are both being done at the same time, on the Magic Loop! YES!

Since the cuff is made with too many stitches I’m going to keep them. I don’t want the intended recipient to think I think she has cankles. Honestly, I don’t know how big her ankles are, but they can’t be as big as I’ve made these socks. AND they stretch too? I’m a genius, I tell you. I’m still not going to show them yet, or they wouldn’t be a mystery, now would they? *insert Groucho eyebrows here*


One response to “Orange you glad I dyed?

  1. Wow, I absolutely looove the orange color of the yarn, I think it’s gonna be perfect for “Ella” – can’t wait to see your progress pics when you cast it on! Have fun knitting!

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