Yesterday I proclaimed as Family Outing Day(aka, everyone’s home at the same time, let’s take advantage of it Day). We went to the (for my first time) International Auto Show! I’ll admit, it was kinda boring after a while, just walking around looking at cars that either don’t exist, or if they do, I sure as hell can’t afford. We saw some cool $hit though… like this:

2006carshow_010Cool huh! That was the Toyota Display area, where I also got a chance to get into my new favorite car: The Toyota Prius!2006carshow_002 I know someone who owns one, and while I haven’t had the chance to drive it, I’m sure it’s a breeze!!

Here’s Mr. Bean at the wheel of a Toyota Sequoia, 2006carshow_022which I had to do a running-jump to get into. It’s like driving a BUS.

At the end of the day, I knew SOMEONE enjoyed themselves:
Sweet, huh? šŸ™‚2006carshow_023


3 responses to “Vrooooooooom!

  1. Oh I love car shows! Thanks for the pics. *dreams about my old Mercedes*


  2. Wonder who it is that has that lovely Toyota Prius? LOL!

    JV and Nadia look SO much like Mr. Bean….

  3. Oh, your kids are so cute!
    I also like your new layout.

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