Ugh… not again

Man oh man. I got THISCLOSE to being done with the raglan increases on Picovoli. THISCLOSE I tell you.. and then. I counted. I had too many stitches on one sleeve section and not enough on the front. It’s not like I can just move stitches over because of the type of increase. I had to rip it all out. I really wanted this to work. How can I avoid this problem again? I didn’t want to use a bunch of row-markers to keep track of the repeats because I didn’t want to ruin the fabric. The yarn splits sometimes. I guess I’ve got no choice.

Then I finished one of the toe up socks. That didn’t work out either. Despite using a size 4 needle to bind off when I’d used a 1 to knit, the sock wouldn’t go over my heel. I ripped back to the beginning of the cuff, and after reknitting the ribbing I used Elizabeth Zimmerman’s sewn bind off . Instructions here.  It worked! And that’s a relief.  I’ve already cast on the second sock and am almost through with the short row toe. This time I’m knitting it forwards and backwards instead of turning the work to purl. I noticed with the first sock that the toe area was a looser gauge because of purling forward instead of knitting backward. So far the second sock’s toe is firmer, which I like better. I didn’t think I could do it(I don’t know why) but I tried it out on the first heel and it was a success so, from now on, when I knit toe-ups that’s how I will work the short row parts.

Since I’m a busty gal, I’m probably gonna put some short rows in the boob area of Pico(when I can work up the nerve to start again–and I will!) and I’ll definitely use the backwards knitting to keep the fabric more consistent.

This is going to be a crazy week what with the kids home from school. But I have news for them! It’s Clean-your-@#$#@-room-week at my house! And that’s just what they’ll do. I want to dye some KP Color-your-own for this. I think DD will want to help(make a mess). We’re not doing the Easter Egg thing this year, so this should be a good substitute.

On the OMG-are-you-serious? tip, I just found out that Lorna’s Laces makes the sheperd sock yarn(which is superwash, btw!) in an undyed color!! YES. I supposed I COULD just get some Lane Cervinia in natural and dye that–after all it’s cheaper and I can get it locally which means no shipping– but it’s a b#$%@# to make into a hank. Of course, you say, get a niddy noddy. Or make one. I’m still thinking about it. I surely don’t NEED more sock yarn.  And most of the yarn I have now that I can dye is already in hanks.. So that’ll have to wait.

So much yarn, so many patterns, so little time, one set of hands.


One response to “Ugh… not again

  1. You can do it! Go Bean Go! Knit like the mad woman you are! Heh.

    And I have no idea what you were trying to say with the toe of your sock, but it sounds like you are a sock knitting genius. I bow before thee.

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