Danke, Gundy!!( and Stash O Rama, continued)

Gundy_swap_giftsIt’s not everyday I get a delivery from a foreign country. My knittyhead friend Gundel
was able to send me some Opal Petticoat, which I was having a hard time
finding here in the US. I bet now that she’s sent it it’ll appear all
over the freakin place! In exchange for her kindness, I am giving her
some of this in Hydrangea. I really hope she’ll like it!


No, I’m not flashing more stash. I do have a bit more yarn coming in, and then that should set me for the next, oh.. 30 years? 😀 Seriously after running through my stash I think it’s time to organize it better. Got my trusty little database program(is a spreadsheet really better?), and that should help a LOT. Yeah, help me go crazy once I realize how many balls of yarn I have…

Stash Flash 2006 blew my mind. I had no idea so many other people had SUCH a passion for collecting yarn! I love it!

Speaking of flashing, thought I’d show you my Pomatomus socks.
Pomafinish2Pomafinish1I got so sick of the pattern(and making mistakes with it) that I just said to hell with it and finished off the foot in stockinette before doing the toe decreases. Who’s gonna see them, they’re in my SHOES. I will say, though, that this sock reminded me of why I don’t like heel flaps; no matter what I try, the back of the sock always bunches up when I put my shoe on. Annoying! Anybody else have that problem?


4 responses to “Danke, Gundy!!( and Stash O Rama, continued)

  1. those socks are awesome…i tell ya i”m going to learn to knit just so I can make socks!! one of these days 😛

  2. hey bean…
    sock are looking HOT!! i want to sock knit, but i am soo scared. i don’t know why…just am. hahah…

    wow, keanu reeves…HOT!!

  3. I don’t have that problem, but then again, a number of factors could attribute to that. Your shoes might be tighter than mine, for one. But I love the yarn you used for your pom’s! So bright and cheerful!

  4. I love your Pomas! First time I’ve seen them in yellow. For the heel flap, have you tried different methods? I don’t have that same problem myself, maybe because I have a high arch. But there might be another way to turn the heel that will agree more with your feet.

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