The Incredible Shrinking WIPs List!(and Here, kitty kitty!)

Yes, that’s right! Trellis and Vine, and the Mock Cable Hat have been removed. The Cable hat will be finished, but since it’s warming up, the intended recipient won’t need it til next winter! As for the shawl? Well I’ve been thinkin about it and I have to admit that I’ve really lost interest in it. I don’t know what it was that made me want to make it in the first place. The original pattern/shawl is nice. But my version isn’t so hot.  Besides, I’ve really been itching to make something else out of the wool/cotton yarn.

Lately I’ve just been in a knitting funk(again). I’m about to leave my job(just got tired of the bull$hit) so I’ll have plenty of time to knit again. I do intend to go back to work someday, just not right now. I know I can do better than what I’m currently doing. I deserve that much.  My closest confidants know why I’m leaving and hubby is very ok with it.. so I’m not worried. Perhaps more schooling is in order.

Here’s a progress pic of Branching Out: Branchingonmyhead
Yes, I have done losted my damn mind. No really. It’s just really long and I wanted to get it all in the pic without having to sacrifice stitch detail.  Last time I photographed an entire scarf (Clapotis) it was from a distance.  Speaking of photographs I need to get my stash together for the 2006 Stash Your Flash! Wooo!

In other interesting news, check them out: 31906_001

That’s my cousin’s cat Mickey. She and her littermate(?) Mikey are parents. I TOLD her she should have one of them fixed so there wouldn’t be any surprises.. She didn’t listen, stating that littermates don’t mate(eyes rolling here), and now… I mean yeah they’re so adorable. Next time I go back I’m going to hold them. But she’s got 9 cats and where is she going to put them? I have 9 hamsters but I have cages for them and they can be contained separately so as to avoid breeding. I’d love to house a kitten but not with rodents and parakeets around… Oh well.


Not pets, but still adorable! The bigger boy is my cousin’s younger son. Funny story. I went to see and hold him when he was only a few weeks old. The next month, I found out MY son was going to be born.  So, the new Old Wives’ tale is.. hold infants and BLAM you’re next, lol. Don’t believe me? I held someone’s infant at a party about 2 years after my son was born and the next month, I found that SugarBoogers was coming. I wonder if maybe I SHOULDN’T touch the kittens, heehee. I can’t wait for Summer. The Jersey Aquarium, the Bronx Zoo, Coney Island.  The kids will love it!!

Can we say SPF 40 and handknit summer beach totes?? 😀


4 responses to “The Incredible Shrinking WIPs List!(and Here, kitty kitty!)

  1. Yay for knitting progress, and I’m sure you’ll find something else great to do with that yarn. Branching out is looking good, as are you! Now get sorting that stash…

  2. That Branching Out picture is, as they say, Awesome. Great way to show it off!

  3. “Done losted my damn mind.” I love that one!
    And what on earth made your cousin think that littermate cats won’t screw around? Doesn’t she know that cats have no moral scruples whatsoever?
    Good luck on the “not working” phase of your life! Sounds fun to have more time for yourself!

  4. Yay!

    Stash & kittens!


    Love ya!


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