I’ve done it again!!

No, no more new knitting projects. Yet. I’ve started over with my computer. It needed some major cleaning out. And I’m sooo glad it’s over!! Also got around to cleaning off the desk. You probably wouldn’t be able to tell anyway, so I won’t be posting pics of it.

Branching Out has made some decent progress. I’m at least half done with the ball of yarn and it’s not long enough for my taste so I’ll more than likely just knit til the ball runs out.

I think I know what I’ll do with some of the Volare Color I’ve got sitting in my stash: Toddler jacket. It’s just her color. It’s a bulky knit so it should work up extra fast!!

Sadly, Tubey will be coming off the WIPs list. It’s just not grabbing me anymore. Maybe I just don’t feel like knitting really big things right now. Whoever said it was a quick knit, has been making way too many brownies(but oh! You can still make some for me *wink wink*). I saw this neat cabled pullover on Knitpicks which is more my style. I ain’t buying the pattern or yarn for that either though. I’m saving up for the Market Squares bag/pattern. I know just what colors I want too!

I finally got my iPod back to working. So… Bring on the KnitCast!!!  I love to read. I love the adventure found in fiction. But I can’t read and knit at the same time, so some audiobooks will probably be making their way into my future iPod downloads. But gosh, do they HAVE to cost so freaking MUCH??

And if you were looking for knitting pics.. go here

That’s all for now!


3 responses to “I’ve done it again!!

  1. It IS a quick knit! I swear!

  2. hey there! thanks for commenting on my blog! =) i actually have tubey has one of my future projects… the only reason why i’m hesitating on the project (besides having way too many WIPS already as it is) is because i’m not quite sure if it will look good on me. it certainly looks good on the model though 😉 anyways, just wanted to say hello! hope you have a wonderful weekend!

  3. dear labean,
    greetings!! i ahve been stopping by for some time now and just wanted to drop you some lines.

    i look forward to your posts!! stop by when time permits!!


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