That stands for Startitis Association of the Americas. I could also stand for Sock Addicts Anonymous. They both fit, for me. I’m on the verge of choosing a sock pattern so that when Jaywalker is finished(do I really have to wait til they’re FINISHED?), I can go right ahead and begin another pair of socks. I WILL do Jaywalker again, but right now I’d like to experience a new pattern(oh boy am I an addict!).

Speaking of Sock addictions, check out 12Steppers(link to left). No we’re not recovering from a (name your illicit/life destroying addiction here) addiction. Actually we’re not recovering from ANYTHING. We fully intend to roil in our sickness, loving every minute of it. The name, you say? Well, the concept is based originally on the blog having 6 members, each with two feet, therefore 12 steppers. Due to popular demand we’ve increased the membership and are well on our way to 12 actual members!  Either way it works out.

Look. Over there <————–. See something new in the WIPS list? Yeah. That’s where the Startitis comes in. Trellis is moving along well. I’m on the third ball of 12. Tubey is stalled, I’m afraid. I’m rethinking the stripe sequence. I found the coworker hat and it’s moving slowly too. (She will get it before it warms up. I promise.) But up on top, I’ve added BRANCHING OUT. Yes, In all Caps. I just read on knittyboard that someone suggested making a Branching Out in South West Trading Co.’s Bamboo, of which I have 5(count ’em) balls. One ball for the scarf and 4 balls for this.  It just needs a little number finagling and it’ll be all good.

I owe, I owe( and I want more sock yarn), so off to work I go.. 🙂


3 responses to “SAA

  1. Pomatomus! Go on, you know you want to ….
    Or else use any of the yummy stitch patterns from Sensational Knitted Socks. Can’t go wrong there.

  2. If you get stuck on branching out, bring it on Wed. I’m also trying to think of another sock pattern for after Jaywalker…though I may do Jaywalker for me….

  3. Juhuuu… fellow 12 stepper here! I started a new pair today too… just go for it. as long as you got DPN’s you can start new have to… it’s kind of a rule… no empty DPN’s… 😉

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