"Are You a Slacker Mom?

Your quiz results make you a Bring it on Mom

You my
dear, are the envy of all your friends. You roll with the punches. Gum
in you hair? You know peanut butter is just the thing to get it out.
With a roll of duct tape for any emergency and lots of love, there’s
nothing you can’t do for your kids.


Bring it ON, man…

So, where are the knitters?!?! No, I don’t mean you who knit and have blogs and also read mine. (You too,McCrochets).  I’m talking about all the people who’ve been making stuff lately. The last two weeks or so, I’d encounter people(mostly women) walking around with the coolest knit sweaters, scarves, scarf/hat sets, mittens, you name it. And when I ask these people who made it, they all say, "I bought it from —– store.". WTH!

Now, I’m not bold enough to go feeling people up to see if these items are really natural fiber or acyrlic( and really, who’s to say someone wouldn’t wear a handknit sweater made of acrylic), but I sooo wanted to at least find out what the items were made of. As I look back on all the sweaters I’ve worn/bought, I can attest that they were either acrylic(and said so) or, didn’t have a label at all. So asking the wearer would probably have been useless anyway.

I haven’t knit a thing in a week. Ain’t had the time. Sick kids, work, and crowded buses. No time/place to knit. Tubey stays home until I get her on a circ needle for the body. Trellis and Vine Shawl, I carry with me in my bag but like I said, no time. Same for Jaywalker socks. And it seems I’ve misplaced the Cable hat I was making. Don’t ask. My work schedule has taken sort of a 90 degree turn so when I get home, all I want to do is sleep. But now, time for a late Valentine’s Day breakfast.


5 responses to “Yeah!!!!!

  1. you know, I actually crocheted a poncho and cap in cotton yesterday, for a friend of mine’s daughter 😛 I just have to buy some pink ribbon for the neckline to make it ready for a picture so THERE :P~~ LOL Other than that, I’m also working on a hobo type bag that I’m planning on felting, then lining…its in knit picks wool of the andes in the navyish blue color and daffodil yellow..and *gasp* I’m making it without a pattern LOL which is a first for me on anything except blankets!!

  2. Bring it On Mom!


    I love it!

    I was a Pretty In The City mom— go figure, no kids!




  3. I, alas, have not finished anything for myself either. I just finished knitting mittens for…someone else. And I’m working on mittens for…someone else. I WILL be knitting wristewrs out of Favorite Mittens for…ME!!! Happy Valentine’s Day!

  4. thanks for the compliments on my earrings!! i have to agree with the others – most of my knitting stuff is for other people. but i AM working on making more projects for myself! =)

  5. You Go Bean!!

    If I hadn’t joined in the knitting olympics I probably wouldn’t have done a lot of knitting myself recently. Maybe we should be thankful that there are stores that are carrying nice looking knitwear for a change. 😉

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