On the needles…

Progress reports…

K gave me her Startitis. Since my last post I have not only made progress on Jaywalker, but I’ve started Trellis and VineTrellisvine_1, from this month’s issue of Magknits. Here’s my progress so far:

I’m using up the Debbie Bliss wool/cotton I got from Herrschners a few months ago. All I heard was, it was being discontinued and I dove right in and bought some. I didn’t have a project planned for it, but since I bought that Southwest Trading Co Bamboo and couldn’t decided which yarn to use, I figured I’d just make two. It’s a fairly easy pattern to follow, with a chart to guide you. Some patterns I find I’d rather have written instructions. But lately (lace) shawls have been doing me in. So a chart is definitely coming in handy.

The Trekking XXL I’m using for theseOnejaywalker_1 Jaywalkers is nice! This isn’t the yarn called for in the pattern, but it works out just fine. This too, is a pretty easy pattern. I will definitely be making another pair of these. I can’t wait to dig in my stash to see which yarn begs to cross the street illegally. 🙂

And how’s THISStashtea_1 for Stash Enhancement? Tea! I got some Chai and some Green tea bags, 80 each. Not quite the same taste as the chai at The Point(maybe they use cream instead of milk?) but just as good. mmmmmmm

I love my husband. Really I do. I love him to death. And if he doesn’t WATCH WHAT HE’S WASHING, that’ll be him. That pretty cabled hat like the one I’m working on for a coworker(see side bar)? Is now THIS.Felted_mess Dammit. I worked hard on it! Am I gonna have to go on a superwash-only crusade to combat this?


3 responses to “On the needles…

  1. No startitis here…finishitis! Startitis will begin again in March.

    I would have hurt the hubby. Really.

  2. So sad about the hat.

    Donate it to Dulaan or Afghans and get it out of there. OR hang it as an effigy over the washing machine as a reminder to DH.

    Trellis and jaywalkers look pretty. : )

  3. *looks at the hat and faints* Yeah, I have banned my husband from washing any of my hand knits too. He shrunk a really, really nice pair of socks sent to me by my first sock pal. *sniff* I think they could fit my cat now.

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