Yarnward, Ho!

Before I let you in on the fun we had yesterday, I have to tell you that I suck. No, really. I ripped Bell Shawl. I couldn’t really stand the yarn, and I’d managed to fark up the pattern on top of the fact that the yarn is black. Never, ever attempt to knit lace in black or dark blue yarn. If you do, you’re either sadistic or you can’t read. Or you’re hardheaded. Or, you’re CRAZY. Or maybe, you’re just a better knitter. 🙂

So on with the yarn crawl. K and I went all over Brooklyn yesterday, in search of yarn stores and their goodies. I got my start at Target so I could pick up a 3-tier plastic cabinet to store my ever-enlarging stash. K met me there and off we went.

We went looking for Roxy Yarns, which was supposed to be in the back of a fabric store. Nope. Nothing there, except a beauty salon. A few doors away was Stitch and Stitch. Nothing doing. They had a few balls of stuff like Paton’s Kroy, and a few other mid-range merinos, but EVERYTHING else was acrylic, save for a vast selection of crochet cotton. The place smelled of cigarette smoke. Who in their right mind would buy yarn that smelled like that???

Next, we headed to Stitch Therapy. Cute little outfit. And the owner used to work at Knitting Hands(now known as Knit-a-way). I don’t think I’ll be going back to her though. She’s not convenient to the subway and… get this. She, like her former employer(and Knit-a-Way continues to do so…) charge $25 for a knitting circle! HELL NO!! I can go sit at a friends house and knit for free. Not to mention there’s a requirement that yarn used there has to be bought there? No thanks, Mr. Hanks.  I did score 6 balls of Southwest Trading Co. Bamboo for $31. Electric Blue.

After that we hit up Brooklyn General. Bgensign We had a time finding the place, what with all the convoluted, cut-off dead end streets that is Red Hook. It’s a quaint little studio type shop in the basement(?) of a limestone house. Very tight space in there but chock full of goodies. If you sew as well as knit, Brooklyn General is right up your alley(provided you live IN the alley down the block, hehe). K needed fabric to line a purse she knit and she was able to find a nice one there.  They sell, if I’m not mistaken, Brown Sheep yarns for much less than any other place I’ve seen in person. Lamb’s Pride Worsted AND Bulky, for $6.75. I’m going back there dammit.

Finally we hit Knit-A-Way. I’ve been there countless times, mostly while it was still Knitting Hands. They have a wider selection than pretty much any other Brooklyn yarn shop I’ve been to. I’ll say though, that Smiley’s is the better place to go to if you want your acrylics. Knit-A-Way sells them at too high a price, to me.  They also don’t seem to have a lot in the way of sock yarns. But I think  every summer they have a sale where they discount most wools and wool blends. Good time to stock up for winter knitting!!! One other thing I like about this store is they have a wall FULL of needles. I picked up some straight cable needles because I find working with the curved one was a pain in the patootie. Also, I got some of that lucious Trekking XXL that I keep hearing about.
No knitting foray is complete without a trip to The Point. No, it’s not in Brooklyn, but it’s not far and it feels like home. We sat for a few hours, knitting, chatting, and sipping Chai. I like that stuff. And I had the most amazing sandwich: Brie and Green apples on raisin walnut bread. I wish there was a little more cheese on it, but it was the perfect mixture of sweet and salty. Very satisfying.  Before we left I scored some ArtYarns Super Merino sock yarn in a sweet yellow-y colorway. Why all the times I’d gone to the Point and looked at that yarn and swore it was Koigu(and so I didn’t buy any cause really, that is getting overrated), I’ll never know. K told me it’s way better to knit with. We shall see. Also in the take-home bag was this.  I snagged it as the new book delivery was being unloaded. Pure knitting evil, I tell you. 

Next time I do a yarn crawl it’ll be to hit some of the stores in Manhattan that I don’t normally go to. For that though, I’ll gladly wait til it’s warmer.. say, June? 🙂



One response to “Yarnward, Ho!

  1. Trekking XXL!! I love that stuff! Isn’t it the absolute best sock yarn? I’m currently knitting lace socks out of it. Unfortunately I can’t share the pattern, but I bought it from Judy (www.theknitter.com) Check out her website. She’s got a great yarn selection, sock pattern selection along with other patterns, needles, and other yarn misc. items. She doesn’t charge shipping and handling either! Anyway, the sock pattern is called ‘Hawaiian Leis’ and it’s knit in Trekking XXL. Her knitting patterns are about $4.00 or $5.00.

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