Yooooo… ‘member that time??

I don’t do meme’s anymore but, breezing through knitty-blog-land I came across Roxy’s blog and had to do this :

If you read this, if your eyes
are passing over this right now, even if we don’t speak often, please
AND ME. It can be anything you want–good or bad–BUT IT HAS TO BE
FAKE. When you’re finished, post this on your blog and be surprised (or
mortified) about what people DON’T ACTUALLY remember about you.

So go ahead and try it! Make me laugh!


6 responses to “Yooooo… ‘member that time??

  1. Hey girl! Remember that time you and I were at that St. Pattie’s Day kegger in college and you got revenge on that guy who dumped me on a date the week before? I will NEVER forget the look on his face after you poured that whole pitcher of green beer over his head. Us girls gotta stand together, right??

  2. hey remember that time when we was still chatting in room one a lot, and room one and room two….like got along?? yeah and it was like you know? LOL

  3. Heya Bean! Oh girl… lemme tell ya… Memories…
    It was about 9 years ago… I was stranded with my Taxi ( I was a taxi driver at that time) on the side of the road on Hawaii, the big Island. And who would meander along? That’s right! Bean! She helped me change my tire and I invited her along on the girls night out I had planned for that evening and we had soooooooooooo much fun!
    And that , people, is how Bean and I met….the rest is history… 😉

  4. Bean and I went to HS together. We double-dated at the prom. You should have seen Bean – layers of frothy chiffon and cascading ruffles and – what? Stop laughing, that was the style then! She looked HOT, lemmme tell ya. I looked sort of medium-warm myself.

    Bean missed Prom Queen by just a few votes. So we went out back to console ourselves, leaving our dates inside. Now, Bean had just been dumped by her latest and her date was my bf’s best friend who came through at the last minute so Bean wouldn’t have to stay home. He was a nice guy, but not so hip to consoling a girl who just missed taking home the Prom Queen tiara.

    So there we were, leaning on the back of my Rabbit, bitching about her ex and catting on the Prom Queen, downing Budweiser – what? We were in HS, we couldn’t afford the good stuff. Shut up. All of a sudden, Bean’s date comes rushing out of the crepe paper-festooned gymnasium to get Bean. Now, Bean’s a good friend and didn’t want to leave me alone outside (it might have had something to do with not wanting to leave me alone outside with the cooler, but never mind). The boy is excited and persistant, and finally Bean reluctantly follows him inside.

    I finish my beverage and head inside a few minutes later – just in time to see Bean and her date win the dance contest! No sh*t! Bean loves to dance. She and her ex were often the center of attention on the dance floor. But neither of us had any idea that her date was such a great dancer! Ha ha. Bean’s ex left the prom early – coincidence? I think not.

    She still has the dorky trophy. The gold paint is chipped off in places, but it holds a place of honor right next to the framed 8×10 wedding photo of Bean and her favorite dance partner.

  5. T, remember the time we went to CBGB’c in DocMartenss and fishnets and decided that sober at a Ramones concert was a good idea then 5 minutes after arriving we decided that sober wasn’t the way to go… so a dozen dollar beer specials later we were crowd-surfing and moshing in the pit. Needless to say, the 14 hours in between arrival and waking up in Penn Station next to a bench were a blur, but I know we had fun sista!


  6. Remember that time we went to Milwaukee to celebrate Easter Sunday with my 3rd cousin twice removed? Man, I never had so much fun. I still can’t believe the priest kicked us out the way he did. That poor altar boy is probably scarred for life.

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