I nac tink sdrawkcab!!!! (dnA lrup, oot!!)

I was chatting among some knitty friends last night, when someone mentioned knitting backwards. SpinnDiva  came through again, with a cool link to Nimrodel70’s site. There are some neat, intuitive ‘instructions’ on how to learn to knit backwards.  While I couldnt readily think of a reason for needing to purl backwards, I figured I might as well learn that too. So I did. ThankQ Monkee and Nim!

I do know, that backwards knitting  will definitely come in handy when swatching for something that will be knit in the round. Tubey comes to mind, and hopefully will work out.  Look out for swatch pics! TTFN


5 responses to “I nac tink sdrawkcab!!!! (dnA lrup, oot!!)

  1. hey there ladybean! =D it’s naught3hulahips from tblog and i just realized that i haven’t been to your site in a while so i thought i might stop by .. how are things with ya? knitting backwards, that’s pretty darn interesting. sounds fun!

  2. yeH! ouY era gniklat tuoba em!

    Glad to be of help! pretty cool isn’t it?

  3. wohooo so glad you got it… it is nice isn’t it? I hardly turn my work anymore ( unless it has knittstiches on the back!!!) way to go bean!!

  4. Where did you find that link? My search-fu is all messed up right now it seems…. 😛

  5. I can think of all sorts of places that this technique would come in handy. Thanks for the link!

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