Hat Trick!(and lessons learned)

I was supposed to show you progress pics of the Victorian lace Shawl(hereafter referred to as, ‘the hell shawl’)  from elann that I was going to tackle. Instead, I ripped that mofo out and am using the yarn to do other things. I couldn’t stand it anymore. Thank you, SpinnDiva for your gracious, patient help with me on this pattern. Yours came out lovely. I don’t know what went wrong with mine.

I keep hearing things like ‘Well, it’s a free pattern, what do you expect?’. Well, I’d EXPECT the F$#ing designer to have the brains to make sure the pattern is written correctly before letting someone, ANYONE post it anywhere for others to see. Elann dropped the ball on this one. I spent $23 F%$^$ing on the yarn called for in the pattern, so although the pattern itself was free, money was wasted on a useless project. I’m not the only person who’s had problems with this pattern, so it sure as hell isn’t my fault.

I can’t be the only person to have noticed how dumb it is to just say, ‘work pattern til ball runs out'(paraphrased). Hello? There’s no gauge requirement to be met in this project, so it would make sense that since people all knit at different tensions, you would have to tell us the NUMBER of stitches a person should reach before going on to the next section. Is that too much to ask?

I wrote elann about it; we’ll see what they have to say for themselves.

In other knitting news:
Stay tuned for a nice FO made from the aforementioned yarn disaster. This is the pattern for it. Lessons learned from this hat were: 1. how to improvise a little on projects with a lot of repetition. Although those are mock cables, simply changing the manner in which you knit the stitches changes the orientation of the twist. The next time I make a hat like this I’ll switch up the order of stitches to get something that looks more like a real cable. (and this all done without a cable needle! Woo!) 2. I also better understand the meaning of a left-leaning(decrease or twist), as opposed to a right-leaning one. You would think it were obvious to figure out, but I always had trouble deciphering which way things would/should go. I’d always need the pattern to spell out for me which stitches to hold off or knit and which way to place the cable needle–forward or back. 3. Knit hats are supposed to seem to be longer than you think they should be. In the past, I’ve knit hats which turned out too short because I stopped the straight knitting too soon, thinking the hat would be too long if I didn’t. Duh. Mock cable hat taught me to be more trusting of a hat pattern(unless it’s felted, heehee). When it says knit til the tube/piece is about 10 inches, they MEAN it. As a result, the hat comes down far enough to cover my ears fully, something that wasn’t happening with my other beanie-style hats. I don’t like turning up the bottom of hats so I prefer to knit themas beanies.

I will take pics of the hat when I get the cam up and running again. It was a nice knit, done in one day. It probably could have taken more time if I’d actually stopped and started something else. Like so. I would like to dye some of the remaining yarn to make this bad boy.

Goes to show I don’t pay attention anymore; I’d been looking for BluFelicia’s blog for months now, wondering what happened to her and where she went.  Her blog’s been reworked, renamed and going strong. (Re)meet: Isis Rising.  Wouldn’t you believe I found her because she too was having problems with the hell shawl?

In all my madness to start and get going on hell shawl, I forgot all about Bell Shawl. (Oooh that rhymes!). At least that one didn’t gum up on me. I’m knitting her straight from a failed Shimmer shrug–I decided not to use that overdyed Cascade after all; it’s not enough yarn and I’d rather use it for something else– so I’ll have to keep her home until I get to the next yarn join. After that, I’ll use my brain and consider winding the rest of the yarn back into cakes so carrying the project will be easier. 

Gotta run for now..



One response to “Hat Trick!(and lessons learned)

  1. Awwww you are welcome bean… any time… but this pattern WAS realy badly written … I totally agree with you…
    but,you have made so many realy nice things and I know you will make soooooooooo many more… forgett about this one meesly shawl…bigger and beter things are waiting for you!!!Wohooooooooooooooo!!!!

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