11! (and then some…)

There are 11 cats living outside the parking lot at Terminal 4. They’re
all quite fat, just lazing around. I’d lay odds someone is feeding
them. First there were 5. Today I saw 6 more. All various colors. If
any of them get thicker than the others, then we’ll know which ones are

Bell shawl is coming along swimmingly. I’m almost finished with the
ball of yarn;  I don’t know what I’ll do after that. I could attempt to
dye another skein the same colors, but experience has taught me that
will probably not work.

Then there is Victorian Lace Shawl. I tried it once before.(OK, three
times before).  The pattern requires a certain yarn. Now, most knitters
know they can usually(and with success) substitute one yarn for
another. But in this case, it didn’t work. The instructions call for a
specific number of balls of the yarn and,  the
construcion of this shawl involves  you changing needles and lace
patterns upon starting a new ball of yarn. The subsequent patterns need
a certain number of stitches to work properly and you supposedly won’t
have reached the right number until you’ve finised a ball. So using
different yarn isn’t going to work because you don’t know how many rows
to have completed by that time. Geniuses.

Now, to be fair, the yarn for the project isn’t all that expensive. But
I won’t let this go. I will have to GET the yarn, to attempt the shawl
again. All this because the pattern designer(and this is a FREE
pattern…) didn’t want us to be able to substitute yarns. I guess they
didn’t realize that we could have just as easily bought a different
yarn from the same shop… and still do the pattern if only we knew HOW
many stitches we should have before we change stitch patterns…  oh well, just wait and see. I shall conquer it yet.


3 responses to “11! (and then some…)

  1. Changing stich patterns based on the length of a ball of yarn seems, um, inaccurate and unreliable. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve made the exact same sock/mitten/hat witht he exact same brand/color/weight/dye lot yarn and had drastically different amounts of yarn left over – or even run short when I never have before!

    You’re right that it’s apoor pattern design.

    Can’t wait to see Bell Shawl.

  2. I wish I had all those cats. I love cats!
    Don’t knit too many shawls.

  3. It seems bizarre to design a pattern based on balls of yarn! There has to be some reason besides wanting you to have to buy the named yarn, doncha think? Like the designer didn’t make great notes : )

    Lovely blog!


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